documenta14 will showcase the work of Roger Bernat and Daniel G. Andújar
documenta14 will showcase the work of Roger Bernat and Daniel G. Andújar

The Catalan Institute for Cultural Companies (ICEC) -through the internationalisation brand for Catalan cultural and creative companyies, Catalan Arts- and the Institut Ramon Llull have joined forces with documenta14, the world's most important contemporary art showcase, to present the works of Roger Bernat and Daniel G. Andújar in Kassel as well as in Athens, where this year the event is being presented for the first time.

The exhibition opened on 8 April in Athens and can be visited until 16 July, and its parallel exhibition in Kassel will be open from 10 June to 17 September.

documenta was founded in 1955 with the aim of recovering culture, especially in the field of visual arts, following the destruction and dark days of the Second World War. Since then, it has been held every 5 years in Kassel, Germany, a city to the north of Frankfurt that was almost completely destroyed by Allied bombs. With this edition, however, for the first time two exhibitions will be held in parallel. Under the title Learning from Athens, Polish artistic director Adam Szymczyk has aimed the spotlight at the relations between the two countries in managing the economic and refugee crisis in an attempt, in the words of the artistic director, to reflect the current situation in Europe and bring out into the open North-South tensions through art. 

From its beginnings up to the present day, documenta has remained a cultural milestone of enormous international import. The last edition, in which Albert Serra, Dora Garcia and Enrique Vila-Matas, among others, took part and at which works by ceramic artist Antoni Cumella and Salvador Dalí were on display, was organised in 2012 and was visited by more than 750,000 people from all over the globe. The list of Catalan artists that have been invited to participate in documenta includes Ferran Adrià (2007), Miquel Barceló (1982) and Susana Solano (1987 and 1992).

The majority of the Athens exhibition can be seen primarily at the National Museum of Contemporary Art, although works and appearances by the 160 artists taking part will be spread out among different locations in the city, such as public institutions, squares, cinemas, university campuses and libraries. In the Greek capital, Roger Bernat is presenting the performance The Place of the Thing (2017), and Daniel García Andújar the installation The Disasters of War, Metics Akademia (2017).

Roger Bernat (Barcelona, 1968) became interested in theatre through his training as an architect. He studied Direction and Dramaturgy at the Barcelona Theatre Institute, from which he graduated with the Premi Extraordinari (an award for excellence) in 1996. He has written and directed such theatrical pieces as 10.000 Kg, Confort Domèstic, Àlbum, Trilogia 70, Bones Intencions, the cycle Bona Gent, Amnèsia de Fuga and Tot és perfecte. 

Daniel García Andújar (Almoradí, 1966) is a representative of the so-called net art, which is created using Internet images. He is a long-term member of, founder of 'Technologies To The People', and has directed numerous workshops for artists and social groups in various countries. Through irony and the use of presentation strategies that rely on new communication technologies, he questions the democratic and egalitarian promises of these media and criticises the controlling aspect hidden behind their mask of apparent transparency.


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