20 Catalan companies at FETEN, the European Performing Arts Fair for Boys and Girls in Gijón
20 Catalan companies at FETEN, the European Performing Arts Fair for Boys and Girls in Gijón
  • Catalonia and Asturias head the presence of the Spanish State in this 28th edition of the fair that will take place between the 17th and 22nd of February in the Asturian city
  •  Mostra Igualada will present in FETEN the programming of the 2019 edition

Once again family theatre created in Catalonia is to be well represented at the European Performing Arts Fair for Boys and Girls, FETEN. A total of 17 Catalan companies will be taking part in the 28th edition of the fair held in Gijón from 17 to 22 February.

The shows by Catalan companies and artists at the show are as follows:

“Tri-Circus” (Anna Confetti), “Baila el Bosque” (Cal Teatre), “Hai, La Pescadora de sueños” (Cia. Giramagic), “Un Cuento de Estar por Casa” (Cia. Minimons), “Jojo” (Cia. Ytuquepintas), “Mi Padre es un Ogro” (Companyia de Comediants La Baldufa), “Bloop” (Companyia Pep Bou), “Pescadería Mecánica” (Ferroluar), “Adiós Peter Pan” (Festuc Teatre), “Juegos en Cuadro” (GAAC), “Espacio Monta Títeres” (Galiot Teatre), “Garabato de Juego, la Otra Vida de las Cosas” (Guixot de 8), “Ovvio” (Kolektiv Lapso Cirk), “Aphonia: Ópera Gestuale en Clave de Ha!” (L’Animé Visual Theatre), “Encuentracuentos” (Marcel Gros), “Pelo Loco” (Mimaia Teatro), “Xics de Xurrac” (Tombs Creatius), “Laika” (Xirriquiteula Teatre), “La Poubelle Plus Belle” (Zero en Conducta) and “Hippos” (Zum-Zum Teatre).

In addition to the 20 Catalan shows, the programming will be complemented by productions throughout the Spanish State, Germany, Belgium, the USA, France, Italy, Israel, Mexico, Norway, Portugal and the Czech Republic.

FETEN fair is a meeting of reference, opportunity and annual business for professionals, programmers and creators of the sector

The Mostra d’Igualada presents its 2017 edition at FETEN

While at FETEN, the Mostra's art director, Pep Farrés, will take the opportunity to present the 2019 edition of the Children’s & Youth Theatre Festival of Igualada. The presentation takes place at 2.00 pm on Thursday 21 February, in Hotel Begoña in Gijón.

Farrés will outline the programme for La Mostra 2019, a strategic market for Catalan children's and youth theatre, which is opening up to the Spanish and international markets.


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