Art Galleries in Catalonia, a new publication on the contribution of galleries to the visual arts
Art Galleries in Catalonia, a new publication on the contribution of galleries to the visual arts
  • The Catalan Institute for Cultural Companies has published a book in collaboration with the gallery sector to bring attention to the work carried out by galleries in Catalonia

As part of its role to support the development and consolidation of the cultural sector (and the artistic sector in particular), last autumn the Catalan Institute for Cultural Companies published the book Art Galleries in Catalonia, a publication which acknowledges the important work carried out by galleries in the region. The book was produced in collaboration with two associations—Art Barcelonaand the Union of Catalan Art Galleries (which celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2018)—, galleries affiliated to these two associations, as well as other non-affiliated galleries, artists, critics, collectors and managers of public and private institutions.

Its very nature as a collective work allows it to recognise and highlight galleries as venues for the diffusion and dissemination of the visual arts, as well as driving forces for creative activities, definers of the aesthetic tastes of citizens and, to a degree, as the nucleus of relations within this complex world of artists, gallery owners, critics, facilities, art lovers and collectors.

The four sections the book comprises correlate to four key elements of the work carried out by art galleries. They are continent (space); conceptualisation and preparation tasks, packaging, mounting and dismantling (under construction); the people who make this activity possible, from the moment of creation until public exhibition (protagonists); and finally, the museums, art centres, exhibition spaces and private collections where the works end up (destination).

In addition to images provided by the galleries themselves, Art Galleries in Catalonia includes a discussion on the work of the gallery owner, texts on the day-to-day operation of these institutions—often the result of long-held tradition—and contributions from other agents within the visual arts sector, who share their experiences and points of view on the relationship with gallery professionals and their role as catalysts within a sector often unfamiliar to the general public, but which undertakes the valuable task of disseminating visual arts both locally and internationally. From this perspective, this book contributes to increasing the visibility of their work.

The texts appear in three languages (Catalan, Spanish and English), making this book a useful tool for international dissemination. Consequently, under the Catalan Arts trademark, it contributes to its dissemination by offering international experts an insight into the sector.

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