The Catalan Institute for Cultural Companies offers Catalan jazz a stand at Jazzahead!
The Catalan Institute for Cultural Companies offers Catalan jazz a stand at Jazzahead!

• Fourteen Catalan organizations are participating in Bremen's international jazz fair, to be held from 25 to 28 April.

• Jazzahead! is one of the main meeting points for programmers and managers of international jazz festivals.

A total of 14 Catalan companies, festivals and institutions, will participate in Jazzahead! at the stand provided by the Catalan Institute for Cultural Companies (ICEC) under its brand of internationalization Catalan Arts - Music. The German international jazz fair, a benchmark event in the sector, takes place from 25 to 28 April in Bremen.

The ICEC stand will help present an overall image of the Catalan sector and serve as a meeting and business point for professionals so they can carry out their activities at the fair with ease.

Moreover, on 26th April, ICEC along with the Institut d'Estudis Baleàrics will offer a reception at the stand with the aim of promoting networking among Catalan professionals and the international delegates accredited at the fair. The aim of this initiative is to help the Catalan jazz sector to access the German and international market, strengthen ties between professionals and publicize Catalan initiatives among the professional audience, mainly international programmers and music festival managers from all over.

In recent years, Catalan jazz has become a benchmark for German programmers due, among other things, to the participation of Catalan companies and jazz ensembles in Jazzahead! Bremen. Whether in 2018 or previous years, the fair has always been well attended by Catalan companies, with artistic productions that have later successfully toured Germany and Europe.

The Catalan companies that have so far confirmed their attendance at Jazzahead! are: Associació Cultural Arco y Flecha, Bacana, Balaio Producciones, Contrabaix, Distrijazz, Escenamusic, ItaliaES, Julio Quintas – Management & Booking, Montuno Producciones, and Taller de Músics. Also attending will be Jazz I Am, the international meeting just held in Barcelona, Mercat de Música Viva de Vic, the strategic marketplace in Catalonia for Music, the Institut Ramon Llull and the Catalan Institute for Cultural Companies (ICEC).

Jazzahead has programmed some 40 performances and artists and companies from 61 countries will participate. At the fair, more than 100 exhibitors have already been registered and more than 3,000 professional visitors are expected, most of which are festivals programmers, both German and Central European and Nordic, agencies, groups, record companies, national export entities of music and service companies related to jazz in all its stylistic variants.

During the four days of the event, the technicians of the Market Area of the ICEC and its office in Berlin will hold meetings, make new contacts and work to make connections between international professionals and Catalan companies , in order to help them, thus, to access the German and international markets.

To offer a wider dissemination of the Catalan delegation to Jazzahead! 2019, the ICEC has published a guide of Catalan entities that will attend this edition and will promote their music through a playlist on Spotify.


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