Around 40 companies to participate in the ICEC umbrella stand at the Buenos Aires International Book Fair
Around 40 companies to participate in the ICEC umbrella stand at the Buenos Aires International Book Fair

The Buenos Aires International Book Fair, now in its 44th year, is one of the most important annual events for publishers and professionals in the Latin American book sector. With an exhibition area of around 45,500 m2 located in the city centre, in 2018 there were 481 exhibitors from 17 countries—representing over 12,000 professionals—with 1,234 events and over a million visitors. In addition to the area for professionals, another of the Fair's outstanding events includes the election, each year, of a city to become its guest of honour.

This year, Barcelona is the guest city of honour at the Fair, to be held between 25 April and 13 May. The Catalan capital's selection confirms the city’s literary relevance and the strength of its publishing sector. The honour also provides a unique opportunity to promote the city’s enormous literary heritage and showcase the work of Barcelona’s publishing houses, as well as to strengthen the link between two international publishing hubs.

To get the most out of this opportunity, Barcelona City Council and the Institut Ramon Llull have designed a stellar programme of activities, with the Catalan Institute of Cultural Companies (ICEC) lending a hand from a more business angle and with the help of its internationalization brand, Catalan Arts, through the organization of an umbrella stand in the exhibition area, which will host 32 Catalan publishing houses.

The Catalan stand will have a privileged place in the Pavellón amarillo, which is where the Fair's professional activities are held, providing companies that come to Buenos Aires with a total of 200 m2 for meetings as well as services and activities to attract professionals from all around the world. Moreover, the ICEC will release a publication featuring the most important information about all the Catalan companies present at the Fair to optimize their presence in the professional area and help them make contacts with professionals and companies from other countries.

The stand will be equipped with elements that support the programme of Barcelona, Guest City at the Fair: literary map, posters of city's literary festivals, Barcelona-Buenos Aires mappings and the poets’ original voices. It will also have a small auditorium with room for around thirty people for those giving presentations, talks and debates within the programme, which is in addition to the activities being held in the other rooms of the Fair. The stand will also have a large bookshop where books with and without distribution in Argentina will be on display and for sale. The selection includes a smaller range of books in Catalan and a wider range of books in Spanish, which will include translations from Catalan to Spanish. The range of books, around 700 titles and 10,000 copies, will reflect the city’s literary richness and showcase both the diversity of its publishing panorama and a selection of titles about the city released by Barcelona City Council's Publications Service.

Finally, the stand will also have a screen showing an audiovisual programme of literary documentaries, adaptations of literary works for cinema or television and TV programmes about literature on particularly notable figures from Barcelona’s literature.

The presence of Catalan publishers and literary agents at the Fair forms part of the activities implemented by the Ministry of Culture to promote Catalan literature and the internationalization of those working in the field. With this objective, the Ministry of Culture regularly attends the publishing industry's major professional events, particularly the London Book Fair, the Frankfurt Book Fair, the Guadalajara International Book Fair (Mexico) and, for the first time this year, the Buenos Aires International Book Fair, with Barcelona as its Guest City.

In order to promote the work of the Catalan publishers and other industry representatives attending the Buenos Aires event to a wider audience, the ICEC has published a brochure, Catalan Arts – Books, that will be distributed to the accredited professionals at the fair.

The 34 Catalan publishers that will participate in the Catalan stand in the Buenos Aires International Book Fair are: Acali, Alba Editorial, Algar Editorial, Animallibres, Blume, Cinco Tintas, Club Editor 1959, Comanegra, Difusiones Editoriales Helio, Edebé, Ediciones Codice, Edicions de la Llibreria Universitària de Barcelona, Ediciones Gigamesh, Ediciones Omega, Edicions Bromera, Edicions Universitat de Barcelona, Editorial Anagrama, Editorial Casals, Editorial Flamboyant, Editorial Juventud, Editorial Las Afueras, Grup Editorial Enciclopedia, Institut Monsa de Ediciones, Libros del Zorro Rojo, Ned Ediciones, Pluton Ediciones, Pol·len Edicions, Profit Editorial Amat Editorial, Pujol & Amadó, Rayo Verde, Stendhal Books and Trampa Ediciones.


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