Music and digital creation made in Catalonia at Sónar and Sónar+D 2019
Music and digital creation made in Catalonia at Sónar and Sónar+D 2019

· The ICEC is to organise a session at Sónar to promote the advanced and experimental music being made in Catalonia to the international press.

· More than 20 Catalan artists set to perform at the 26th Sónar festival in Barcelona from 18 to 20 July.

· Catalan institutions, companies and experts from the creative technologies sector to take part in more than 30 of the activities being organised as part of the Sónar+D programme.

Sónar, the festival of choice for all electronic music and digital creation fans, comes to Barcelona from 18 to 20 July.

A total of 21 Catalan artists will perform on the numerous stages set up as part of the 26th edition of this event. The programme features a wide range of acts representing the hottest trends in the current global music scene. Sónar will provide them with a unique opportunity to showcase their music to both local and international audiences, with their sounds also available to sample on the ‘Sónar 2019 #CatalanMusic’ Spotify playlist.

Sónar by Day 2019 will feature performances by Aleesha, Alvva, Bad Gyal, BERLINIST presents GRIS Game Live, Cecilio G, Cosmic D’Alessandro, Desert + Desilence, Hamill Industries & Shelly: Audible Spectrums, Karcelen, La Diabla, Lil Moss & Friends, Macromassa, MANS O, Ouchhh + Za!: Superstrings, Shelly, Titi Calor and Ylia. In addition, $kyhook, Enry-K, Phran and Tutu will be performing as part of Sónar by Night.

The Catalan musical acts in the Sónar line-up serve to demonstrate the strength of the experimental scene in Catalonia and its integration within the main contemporary international trends. The array of clubs and festivals, both in Barcelona and the rest of Catalonia, allow the influences and energy from other music scenes to be imported and exported in an organic and fluid way.

The Catalan Institute for Cultural Companies (ICEC) is collaborating with Sónar for the second time to organise an activity under the umbrella of its Catalan Arts - Music internationalization brand. Journalist and professor of modern music history, Javier Blánquez, is hosting an exclusive session aimed at the accredited international journalists attending Sónar to provide an introduction to the Catalan scene and present the latest developments in the field of the electronic music being made in Catalonia.

In order to further promote Catalan participation in the festival, the ICEC has also published a flyer to be included in the official bag given out to all accredited professionals attending Sónar. Through these initiatives, the ICEC aims to help Catalan agencies and companies become visible on the global circuit.


Catalan creative technologies sector out in force for Sónar+D 2019

The ICEC is supporting Sónar+D 2019, the international creativity, technology and business congress run in parallel to the main festival from 17 to 20 July, which will also feature strong participation from the Catalan sector.

More than 30 of the activities in the event's programme - including conferences, workshops, AV Experiences, SonarHub and Sónar Startups - will feature Catalan institutions, companies and experts, reflecting Catalonia’s current importance in the creative technologies sector.

The Conference programme will include talks by: Óscar Romagosa from CANADA (CANADA's Secret Vault); Joana Hurtado from the Fàbrica de Creació Fabra i Coats (Collide International); Artur García-Saez from Barcelona Supercomputing Center (Creativity in the age of quantum computing); Alba G. Corral (Creative Technologies Café); Ikram Bouloum (Music beyond the gig); Conrad Roset, Adrián Cuevas and Roger Mendoza from Nomada Studio (The New Frontiers of Spatial Computing); Carme Torras, Ramón López de Mántaras, Maite López Sánchez, Pilar Dellunde, Albert Florensa from the UPC (Are we sowing fear of artificial intelligence?); and Perfecto Herrera from MTG and UPF's Music Technology Group (25 years of music technology research in Barcelona).

Workshops will also be given by: Salva Rey, Míster Furia from The Pinker Tones (100 years of Theremin); Oriol Tarragó (Audioize: creating the sound that we imagine); Alex Antolino and Adrià Cruz from Typeform (Designing innovative experiences to share your brand story); Elisabet Matoses and Cristina Noguer from She Stem (Scent and Technology); Anna Díaz and Pablo Barquín from Hamill Industries (Generative lasers through sound); and Alba Barneda from CANADA (Anatomy of a Music Video).

Furthermore, there will be AV Experiences courtesy of Alba G. Corral (End(O)), Desigual (Onionlab) and Sergio Caballero (SonarSpoiler).

Finally, the Barcelona City Council will be taking part in the SonarHub programme of activities, with Daniel Pistarch and Matías Aalbers (The Musical Soundscape of Sant Andreu), Pere Faura (presenting Incurables), Rosa Arias (Science for Change), as well as the Barcelona Supercomputing Center, BAU, BMAT, BroomX, CANADA, ESCAC, IED BCN, Maker Faire Barcelona and Nueveojos.

In the Startup Hub will be taking part 21 startups, of which 10 are from Catalonia: Acqustic, Antfluence, Aulart Team, Cooncert, Framework, FuturaVR, SonoSuite, Switchaction, Univrse and Windowsight. Algunes d’aquestes empreses compten ja amb un finançament de l’ICEC en forma de préstec participatiu. Some of these companies are benefiting from ICEC support with a participatory loan.

Through its involvement in Sónar and Sónar+D, the ICEC joins the commitment to be at the very forefront of cutting-edge technology, providing support to those companies working to that end.

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