THE ICEC- Catalan Arts to suport Clara Peya & Vic Moliner in their performance at the MaMA Festival & Convention in Paris
THE ICEC- Catalan Arts to suport Clara Peya & Vic Moliner in their performance at the MaMA Festival & Convention in Paris

The duet Clara Peya & Vic Moliner will perform at the prestigious concert hall Les Trois Baudets in Paris, on 17 October, as part of the MaMA Festival & Convention's official programme. They will be supported by the Catalan Institute for Cultural Companies and its internationalisation brand, Catalan Arts.

The MaMA Festival & Convention is an increasingly important meeting for all involved in the music industry, as it presents a fantastic opportunity to discuss business and extend professional contact networks, whilst at the same time offering the ideal space for discovering industry trends from France and around the world. This year, the artistic programme stands out for its strong female presence, currently at 40%, which is hoped to increase to 50% by 2022.

MaMA has been promoting music from Catalonia since its very first edition. Bands such as The Excitements (2012), Mendetz (2013), Partido (2014), Svper (2015), Filastine (2016) or Museless (2018) have performed in Paris as part of the official MaMA programme, or the Off programme in bars that form part of the festival.

Clara Peya & Vic Moliner's performance will take place at the Parisian concert hall Les Trois Baudets, located in the Pigalle quarter. This area has always represented a very important platform for chanson française performers such as Georges Brassens or Jacques Brel, among many others.

Last year's MaMA Festival & Convention attracted 5,925 professionals from 2,140 organisations, of which almost a third were international and came from 54 different countries.

This year, the Catalan organisations accredited to attend the MaMA Event are: ARC (Association of Agents, Promoters and Managers of Catalonia), Escenapart, Black Music Productions, Vic Live Music Market (MMVV), the Institut Ramon Llull and the Catalan Institute for Cultural Companies (ICEC).

Clara Peya & Vic Moliner

Pianist and composer Clara Peya and bassist and producer Vic Moliner join forces in this musical endeavour following a long history of collaborating on stage and on albums, and always with artistic and social engagement. Peya and Moliner are two musicians and creators who have inspired each other to grow in every project they have worked on together, so much so that they now depend on each other's visions and music to express themselves to their fullest.

Pianist and composer, Clara Peya is considered to be one of the most original and unique producers on the Catalan music scene in recent times. Her life has zig-zagged between music, theatre and activism, and in 2019 she was awarded the National Culture Prize, which led to her winning Best Album of the Year at the Enderrock Awards for Estómac (Satélite K, 2018).

Musically speaking, Peya alternates between cambra, jazz, pop and electronic sounds, consistently maintaining her love for the piano. She has a strong, contagious artistic personality that reveals itself when she performs; she is transformed as her music penetrates the crowd and beyond. Her unique style has gained her recognition as one of the most theatrical and transgressive Catalan pianists around.


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