New e-magazine: Music Tech in Catalonia
New e-magazine: Music Tech in Catalonia

The current digitalisation of the various cultural sectors is synonymous with alliances and creation. This transformation of the cultural industries, more relevant than ever in the context of the current Covid-19 pandemic, has given rise to the Music Tech concept, fruit of the relationship between music and technology. A relationship that has led music to seek new digitalisation solutions that go beyond services and generate an ecosystem of innovative companies in Catalonia.

The ICEC Digital Culture Area, in collaboration with Catalan Arts, presents the first digital version of the booklet "Music Tech in Catalonia".

This working document, made available in parallel with the online edition of Sónar+D, aims to highlight the music tech sector in Catalonia and help the companies that comprise it reach out internationally. The booklet contains information about the Catalan music tech industry as well as a list of companies that will be added to as the sector grows and new initiatives arise. For more information and to facilitate contact between specific projects, contact us and our international offices.

Read the booklet "Music Tech in Catalonia"


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