Matthew McDaid’s Global Music Match teammates surprised him on his focus week
Matthew McDaid’s Global Music Match teammates surprised him on his focus week

McDaid, Anna Andreu and Las Migas have been part of the Global Music Match Catalan delegation, a collaboration with Mercat de Música de Vic to uplift artists international presence via cross-promoting content on social media.

Global Music Match had sixteen teams. Every week the six members of each team had a conversation with their colleagues. Singer-songwriter Matthew McDaid talked about moving from Northern Ireland to Catalonia when he was a kid, singing in English, busking, or even he revealed his nickname. Now audiences from Australia, Finland, Scotland, Wales, and Taiwan know a little bit more about McDaid’s world. Also his fellow team members played a nice tribute to Matthew by doing a cover of his new release Look Away Sun Child. Amazingly, these talented musicians have never met in person but through Global Music Match they have develop a true connection. Hopefully when touring is back they will be able to share some life music.

On Matthew’s own words: “when asked to blindly take part in a new worldwide project the only answer is yes! and here's why: my incredible team on Global Music Match have recorded a cover of Look Away Sun Child! I am still in shock and I have no words for all the hard work that has been put into this. Just filled with an insane amount of love for these beautiful artists!”

McDaid’s new songs have been produced and mixed by John Morgan Askew (Laura Gibson, The Delines, Richmond Fontaine, Alela Diane, House Of Wolves, Neko Case) and features the guest musicians Cory Gray (The Delines, The Decemberists, The Dandy Warhols, Heather Woods Broderick), Ji Tanzer (Loch Lomond, Blue Cranes) and Joana Serrat. Matthew McDaid performed at last Mercat de Música Viva de Vic with his band, The last minute soldiers.

Catalan Music on partnership with Mercat de Música Viva de Vic are part of Global Music Match, a pilot initiative created to continue raising the profile of local artists in international music markets within the challenging parameters of the COVID-19 pandemic. The program is a unique response to the limitations imposed on the music industry that makes use of the only available platform – social media and peer-to-peer collaboration – to increase networks and exposure for export-ready artists internationally.

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At Global Music Match he shares with other five artists his creation process and a few fun facts:
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