GameBCN call for funding and promotion
GameBCN call for funding and promotion

GameBCN is a public incubation program that helps video game studios by offering free benefits to 5 selected teams. It is training and mentoring focused on production, marketing and professional industry business.

The GameBCN program begins in mid-February and is held at the Canódromo Creative Research Park, in Barcelona. External teams will be able to join the program online. To apply to the program, candidates must fill out the form available on the website.

Once the call is closed, a group of experts will review all the applications. The applications will be scored based on originality, quality, market potential, and development team. The best candidates (about 15) will be asked to present their videogame to the group of experts in the offices (foreign teams will be able to do it online). This panel will evaluate and select the teams.

The program is divided into two modules: production and business, each lasting three months. At the beginning of the program, production goals will be agreed with each team. Only teams that meet production targets will access the business incubation module.


  • € 4000 for the best teams
  • Presence at Gamescom.
  • Publication and financing help
  • The program can be done in Barcelona (they offer a free physical space) or online

In this ecosystem, the support of the administrations and the existence of incubators such as GameBCN also play a central role, the role of which, as a driver of professionalization and the strengthening of the Catalan business network, grows year after year. A total of 31 teams have passed through this support program for videogame studios, which will be held in its sixth edition and have been able to receive essential training to professionalize and minimize the risks of their videogames being put on the market.


GameBCN has the support of the Catalan Institute of Cultural Companies, the Barcelona City Council Institute of Culture and the Peninsula consultancy.

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Deadline: December 20, 2020.


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