Implementing steps to develop and promote European Music Export
Implementing steps to develop and promote European Music Export

The European Commission DG EAC has selected the consortium to carry out implementation tasks to develop and promote the European export of music. This consortium is led by mica - music austria from Austrian Music Export, which includes EMEE, in which the Department of Culture is a partner through the ICEC - Catalan Arts, with Czech Arts and Theater Institute, SoundCzech, Music Export Poland, KEA European Affairs, Music Finland and PRS Foundation.

In the hands of networks representing European music professionals, the overall aim of this work will be to generate new knowledge and approaches on the export of European music through innovative research and pilot actions. Its mission is to build on the "Study on a European Music Export Strategy" published in 2019, implementing some of the elements of the Strategy toolbox.

This mission will be carried out with the advice and input of the advisory committee, which will include Live DMA, Yourope, IMPALA, GESAC, IMMF, EMMA, European Jazz Network, Fevis Europe, Eurosonic Festival, Reeperbahn Festival, ECSA and IAO Music.


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