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Compilation CD World Music from Catalonia 2011
Compilation CD World Music from Catalonia 2011

The mix of languages and styles on this compilation shows an exceptional combination of sounds and cultures. The creative dimension of traditional Catalan music is no longer seen only as an expression of a particular heritage, region or culture, but rather as a rich and unrestricted field for artistic innovation and experimentation.

Tracks selected by ICIC from a proposal by Josep Maria Hernández Ripoll (music journalist) in collaboration with Jordi Bertran (Festival Internacional de Música Popular i Tradicional de Vilanova i la Geltrú), Ramon Fontdevila (Centre de Promoció de la Cultura Popular i Tradicional Catalana, Departament of Culture and the Media of the Catalan Government), José Miguel López (Discópolis, Radio 3, Radio Nacional de España), Lluís Puig (Mercat de Música Viva de Vic), Sami Sadak (Babel Med Music), Jordi Turtós (music journalist), Jordi Urpí (music journalist) and Francesc Viladiu (music programmer).

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Visions i Cants
Domini Màgic: Viatge (4.30)
CD: “Visions i Cants”
Author: Pep Coca

With its unrestrained use of urban folklore, Domini Màgic is the result of the search by four veteran instrumentalists for their own sound, in which rhythms ranging from jazz to traditional music can be found.

Arianna Savall: Naonunai (3.15)
CD: “Peiwoh”
Author: Arianna Savall

Born in Basel to a well-known artistic family, the composer, harpist and soprano Arianna Savall wrote the music and lyrics to this romantic love song, which is sung in English.

S’Albaida: Entranya marina (4.14)
CD: “Soldemà”
Author: Nicolau Espinosa, Joan Carles Villalonga

Hailing from Menorca, on its album Soldemà the band S’Albaida suggests a voyage steeped in tradition. One of the highlights on the album is this characteristically Mediterranean song performed by the singer Marina Rossell.

Las Reinas del Matute
Las Migas: Perdóname luna (4.49)
CD: “Las Reinas del Matute”
Author: David de la Chica, Marta Robles Robles

The marvellous voice of Sílvia Pérez Cruz stands out in this female quartet which has just released its first record and which has flamenco as the common feature of their fusion with other rhythms and styles.

Estranya forma de vida
Névoa: Lágrima (4.42)
CD: “Estranya forma de vida”
Author: Amália Rodrigues, Carlos Gonçaives

Névoa is the stage name of Núria Pifarrer, a singer dedicated in body and soul to Portuguese fado music. Lágrima is one of her most heartfelt tracks, recorded live in Manaus and accompanied by Vicenç Solsona on the guitar.

Praia baxu
Bino Barros: Minina, diachi (4.13)
CD: “Praia baxu”
Author: Bino Barros

Native of the island of Santiago, on his first album Praia baxu Bino Barros offers up rhythms from Cape Verde such as the norma and the coladeira. An album with a delicate touch that we can find on songs such as this one.

Rafa Xambó: A Glasgow (4.16)
CD: “Andanes”
Author: Rafael Xambó

Rafa Xambó is a singer-songwriter with a powerful voice from Algemesí (València), who has deservedly won various prizes, among them the Ovidi Montllor prize for best lyrics for this highly poetic song.

Sagrat cor
Canimas: El xarop del xaman (5.13)
CD: “Sagrat cor”
Author: Eduard Canimas

Eduard Canimas wanted his third album, Sagrat cor, to be a meeting point between the human and the divine. Using love as its central theme, a highlight of the album is this circus-styled track.

Un segon
Sol i Serena: Crida (4.03)
CD: “Un segon”
Author: Guillem Ballaz

This traditional music band tinges its compositions with influences that go beyond folk music. We find an example of that in this song, which flirts with pop through its rhythm and vocals.

Algerian Soul
Neila Benbey: Chahlet laayani (3.31)
CD: “Algerian Soul”
Author: Abdelhakim Garami

Born in Algiers in 1973, Neila Benbey combines Algerian tradition with other Mediterranean rhythms, as well as adapting songs from the Chaabi musical tradition to pop melodies, as is the case on this track.

A la panxa del bou
La Troba Kung-Fú: Subway walk (4.09)
CD: “A la panxa del bou”
Author: La Troba Kung-Fú

The band led by Joan Garriga is currently the standard-bearer for the mestizo sounds in Catalonia. The combination of rhythms and languages used on this song is a good example of the band’s artistic philosophy.

Tudo É Possible
Che Sudaka: Mentira politika (3.03)
CD: “Tudo É Possible”
Author: Che Sudaka

Labelled as alternative rock, Che Sudaka is a band based in Barcelona made up of Argentinian and Colombian musicians who on this track set a highly political message to a cumbia rhythm.

Sabor pa’Rato
Sabor de Gràcia: Gracias corazón (4.08)
CD: “Sabor pa’Rato”
Author: X. Patrio Pérez “Gato Pérez”, Josep Lladó

A leading light of the contemporary Catalan rumba scene, the band led by Sicus Carbonell presents this track, reminiscent of Gato Perez, which features the flamenco cantaor José el Francés.

El Tío Carlos: Benemérito (4.12)
CD: “Entra”
Author: Carles Torrebadella, Carlos Zarazaga

A prominent force in the busy rumba scene, El Tío Carlos is a band formed at the beginning of the millennium which has two albums on the market. From the second album, entitled Entra, we have taken this song with a smooth and melodic feel.

Dins d’una peixera
Rauxa: Sota una morera (3.20)
CD: “Dins d’una peixera”
Author: Lluís Salvador

After a change of direction on their second album, Rauxa have come back to their rumba roots with a third album designed to be played live. From the album comes this rumba-party track which is perfect for dancing.

Gitano Real
Achilifunk & Original Jazz Orquestra Taller de Músics: Cocos
CD: “Gitano Real”
Author: Achilifunk & Original Jazz Orquestra Taller de Músics

Four well-known musicians from different backgrounds have come together to create a sonic blend defined as big band-rumba-funk, featuring the horn section from the Original Jazz Orquestra Taller de Músics.

Mompou’s Mood
Companyia Elèctrica Dharma: Mompou’s Mood (5.31)
CD: “Mompou’s Mood”
Author: Companyia Elèctrica Dharma

The longest-running band on the Catalan scene pays tribute to the Catalan composer Frederic Mompou on this three-track EP, recorded at the legendary Sun Records Studio in Memphis. The EP opens with this curious cut.

Toubab Soul
Alma Afrobeat Ensemble: Kudja (6.37)
CD: “Toubab Soul”
Author: Aaron Feder

After a few years in Chicago, Aaron Feder landed in Barcelona with the Alma Afrobeat Ensemble project in his suitcase. It is a fusion of jazz, hip-hop and African rhythms such as those featured on this track.