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Compilation CD Electronic Music from Catalonia 2007
Compilation CD Electronic Music from Catalonia 2007

For the first time, under the label Catalan! Music the compilation Electronic Music 2007 from Catalonia to promote Catalan electronic groups internationally. The record was distributed among the 4,000 certified professionals at the 14th International Festival of Advanced Music and Multimedia Art of Barcelona Sónar 2007. The CD was edited with the co-operation of Sónar and the Catalan Video and Record Industry Association (APECAT).
Electronic Music 2007 includes 17 songs of electronic music of Catalan groups and record companies representing some of the most interesting contributions made to this genre between June 2006 and June 2007. The selection was made by the journalist and music critic Javier Blánquez. Blánquez works for the publications GoMag and El Mundo and was the co-ordinator and joint author of the book ‘Loop: A history of electronic music’. At the same time, Blánquez is also an advisor for the programming of Sónar and the Monegros Desert Festival.

As well as being distributed in Sónar, the CD was also sent out with the Catalan Enderrock magazine of June and will be taken to the main European music fairs and festivals.

The electronic CD forms part of a series of four CDs intended to internationally promote Catalan music. The rest of the CDs are: Jazz from Catalonia 2007, Pop Rock from Catalonia 2007 and World Music from Catalonia 2007.

A brochure was also distributed at Sónar, Electronic Music from Catalonia, which includes a list of Catalan labels editing electronics and the festivals and halls that have a regular programme of this musical genre. This brochure is intended to enhance the diffusion of the musical circuits of electronics in our country and the companies involved in it.

To listen to the songs of Electronic Music from Catalonia 2007, click on the links below.

Inside of the tears
Older: “The man of paper” (4.38)
CD: “Inside of the tears”
Author: Juan Diego Peral

With the recent work of the Japanese Ryuichi Sakamoto in his sights, Older's first album articulates a discourse which takes piano-based impressionism as a starting point for exploring, through digital technology, ambient textures of enormous evocative power.

Tales for silent nights
Monoceros: “The day we become one” (4.14)
CD: “Tales for silent nights”
Author: Joan Malé

His first album was recorded on the English label Expanding, but for his second Monoceros has returned to his native Empordà. Musically speaking, however, there are no changes: his nocturnally tinged elec-tronica continues to cite the most moving moments of Autechre's Amber.

Earth, Wind & Firewire live in Seoul (Digital release)
Jaumëtic aka Phil Link: “Viva Triana!” (4.56)
CD: “Earth, Wind & Firewire live in Seoul (Digital release)”
Author: Jaume Pagès

Taking advantage of a SónarSound festival in Seoul, Jaumëtic treated the Korean public to one of his audiovisual concerts in the guise of his alter ego Phil Link: dense ambient that, on this track, samples the repertoire of Andalusian prog rock band Triana.

Burbuja: “missTORTILLAdePATATA” (4.07)
CD: “Burbuja”
Author: Mercedes Blasco

Burbuja is Merche Blasco's newest alias. Former singer of the punk band Las Perras del Infierno and currently an heterodox inquirer of the most subtle corners of electronic pop, Burbuja puts forward - under Cristian Vogel's production - an interesting game of textures and ethereal voices.

Formas Ep (Maxi)
Brunetto: “Conica (Yokese)” (4.32)
CD: “Formas Ep (Maxi)”
Author: Bruno G. Aguirre

Recently installed in Barcelona, Brunetto injects a much-needed dose of downbeat to the Catalan electronic ecosystem: lazy rhythms inherited from trip hop carefully decorated with abstract sounds and distorted melodies.

Fibla: “Montsianell” (4.47)
CD: “Liants”
Author: Vicent Fibla

Tranquillity and nuances: Fibla dominates perfectly the language of sofa electronica and his new release serves up another lesson in how to combine a surreal outer layer with relaxed rhythms. Electronic listening music in its virginal state.

Glacial (a means)
Ferro-concrete: “Glacial (a means) feat. Daniel Givens” (3.15)
CD: “Glacial (a means)”
Author: David G. (Ferro-Concrete) / Daniel Givens

Taking abstract hip hop as a starting point, DJ Bunkerlab - also known as Ferro-Concrete - explores the cold areas of narcotic-rhythm electronica. Glacial (a means) is his calling card, rounded off by the vocal contribution of the New Yorker poet Daniel Givens.

Metronique: “Sense” (03.53)
CD: “Convex”
Author: Mario G. Ferrer, Mónica Muñoz

The Metronique Project is one of the main assets of the purist IDM scene. Starting from the intricate rhythms of electro, in their label Lovethechaos they free their most melodic face, as well as the most aggressive one, the final orientation of Convex, their debut album.

Epta Ep (Maxi)
Pep Gaya: “Dragon soup” (4.37)
CD: “Epta Ep (Maxi)”
Author: Josep Gaya

Minimal techno avant la lettre: with old releases on labels such as Accelerate or Sähkö in the distance, Gaya employs a language which, above all, seeks simplicity. Skeletal rhythms and stabbing frequencies for very serious dance floors.

Motorcity transmissions Ep (Maxi)
Paper: “Transmissions” (5.20)
CD: “Motorcity transmissions Ep (Maxi)”
Author: Pablo Bolívar

Pablo Bolívar's twin passions - trippy, mysterious Detroit techno and the deep, resonant German techno-dub sound - have given rise to albums and EPs for Regular, but none of them captures his style as completely as this, his debut for Dpress Industries.

Es Barruguet (Maxi)
Alecs Marta: “Es Barruguet” (5.32)
CD: “Es Barruguet (Maxi)”
Author: Alecs Marta

The scene centred on Terrassa and Sabadell, with labels such as Pulsewith or Regular, has, in Alecs Marta, one of its best assets, thanks above all to his mastery of that electrohouse sound with progressive touches sweeping across Europe.

Genética Ep (Maxi)
Oriol Benedet: “Genética” (5.02)
CD: “Genética Ep (Maxi)”
Author: Oriol Benedit

A promising debut from this new, Gràcia-based producer and a stupen-dous business card for the label (and the physical shop) of Galaktika Records: virtuoso tech-house with links to both the microscopic Cologne sound and the English prog school.

Phoskitos Ep (Maxi)
D.A.R.Y.L.: “Phoskitos” (5.02)
CD: “Phoskitos Ep (Maxi)”
Author: Oriol Riverola

His ear for an effective melody marks D.A.R.Y.L. out as one of the Barcelona producers most focused on the new digital house with trance touches in the style of the Border Community label. His packed schedule of releases and remixes is proof of his unstoppable growth.

Trozitos de Navidad Ep (Maxi)
Marc Marzenit: “Trozitos de Navidad” (5.05)
CD: “Trozitos de Navidad Ep (Maxi)”
Author: ---

Before he had released a single track, Marc Marzenit was gathering fans wherever he played, first in his hometown of Mollerussa and now throughout Spain. Next objective: Europe. The euphoric and cyberdelic Trozitos de Navidad is his main calling card.

La rebelión de los hámsters (Digital release)
Sr. Click: “Buscando libertad” (4.00)
CD: “La rebelión de los hámsters (Digital release)”
Author: Juan José Matos

Electronics is the first popular genre that has started to abolish the physical format for music distribution. Parallel to the industry of CD and vinyl we find netlabels, non-physical labels based in Internet that publish music with a quality which cannot be ignored. The synth-pop with techno touches of Sr. Click - Mollet's pride - is a good sign of this.

Alarm:on Ep (Maxi)
AndresAndreas: “Alarm:on” (5.28)
CD: “Alarm:on Ep (Maxi)”
Author: Andrés Gómez, Andreas Lundman

The official anthem of the 2006 Monegros Desert Festival, Spain's main open-air rave. A maelstrom of rough and dirty electro with elements of hard house which has put Cornellà on the world map thanks to its brutal, untamed energy.

Synthetic Doll
Hierro: “Lick the rust” (4.27)
CD: “Synthetic Doll”
Author: Hierro

Techno's industrial substream is represented in Barcelona by Hierro, a cold, compassionless project influenced by 80s EBM and the dark, clinical techno of 90s Birmingham. Anger, pain and bile.