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Compilation CD Pop Rock from Catalonia 2010
Compilation CD Pop Rock from Catalonia 2010

This is a time when diversity is the norm; where consumers are immersing themselves in the creative process, as well as in the dissemination of content. For Catalonia is the coalescence of many cultures, a synthesis of tastes and a harmony of contrapuntal paths and people.

Tracks selected by ICIC from Bruno Sokolowitz’s (music journalist, scannerFM) proposal in collaboration with Anna Cerdà (Pop Arb festival), Nando Cruz (music journalist), Jordi Herreruela (Casa de la Música Mataró - Clap) and Albert Puig (music journalist).

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Maria Coma: Gat (2.23)
CD: “Linòleum”
Author: Maria Coma

The young pianist, singer and composer Maria Coma makes her solo debut with Linòleum. This is an album produced by her Ü_ma bandmate, Pau Vallvé, and recorded with all the love and dedication given off by great pop songs.

Love of Lesbian: Club de fans de John Boy (3.50)
CD: “1999”
Author: Santi Balmes, Julián Saldarriaga

Santi Balmes is one of the most personal singers south of the Pyrenees. 1999 is one of the best records in the burgeoning career of Love of Lesbian. And Club de Fans de John Boy is one of the songs of the decade. A perfect pop single. |

The Pepper Pots: You’re still in my mind (3.56)
CD: “Now!”
Author: F. Delano, J. Barrientos, LL. Rodriguez, I. Grosset, J. Vergés, A. M. Muños, G. Xifra, I. Palmada, R. Montsant, M. Torres, M. Munné, A. Prunell

The best of the 60s sound and aesthetics – now. The Pepper Pots are a supergroup from Girona with fans in Tokyo, Moscow and Los Angeles. If you’re into Motown, Stax or Studio One and you’re looking for a European group, then this is the one.

Bed & Breakfast
Els Amics de les Arts: Jean-Luc (4.19)
CD: “Bed & Breakfast”
Author: Joan Enric Barceló, Eduard Costa, Dani Alegret, Ferran Piqué

After travelling together and apart, sharing a flat in Barcelona and recording three albums, Els Amics de les Arts are ready for anything. A growing legion of fans and some inspired lyrics back up their original pop sound.

I les sargantanes al sol
El Petit de Cal Eril: La Caterineta per la Mercè (3.50)
CD: “I les sargantanes al sol”
Author: Joan Pons i Villaró

Joan Pons is El petit de Cal Eril, utterly convinced that it is not worth living in Barcelona in order to have a cat, a dog or an elephant. Music for children of all ages. Psychedelic folk springing from a Catalonia that is both rural and tropical.

Euforia 5 – Esperanza 0
Mazoni: Ei, que surt el sol! (4.59)
CD: “Euforia 5 – Esperanza 0”
Author: Jaume Pla i Cordobés

Jaume Pla is the man behind Mazoni, the most successful project at the essential label Bankrobber, formed by a group of music lovers who move between La Bisbal (in Girona) and Gràcia – a neighbourhood in Barcelona – and who have contributed their freshness to improving Catalan pop.

Cae algo al suelo
Espaldamaceta: Canción silbada (2.39)
CD: “Cae algo al suelo”
Author: Jose Juan González Nieto

It is difficult to remain unmoved by the songs of Espaldamaceta. Minimal arrangements, maximum expression. Very few manage to say so much with so little. Intense and direct.

La Dimensión Desconocida
The New Raemon: Sucedáneos (3.09)
CD: “La Dimensión Desconocida”
Author: Ramón Rodríguez Quintana

La Dimensión Desconocida, released by the label Bcore, is one of the records of 2009. Ramon Rodríguez, produced by Santi Garcia and Ricky Falkner, releases a collection of songs that will stand the test of time.

Humildad trascendental
Tarántula: Eres un gusano (2.02)
CD: “Humildad trascendental”
Author: Joël Iriarte, Daniel Granados, Vicente Amposta

This is Barcelona’s vaudeville punk dream team. Dani Granados from Producciones Doradas, Joe Crepúsculo and Edi Pou from Za! devote some of their valuable time to the wonderful Tarántula project.

The Neighbourhood
Tokyo Sex Destruction: The sounds of your soul (3.36)
CD: “The Neighbourhood”
Author: Raúl Jimenez Bellón

With the hiring of Gregg Foreman (The Delta 72 and Cat Power) as producer and keyboardist on The Neighbourhood, Tokyo Sex Destruction have transformed their garage punk beginnings in Vilanova DC into a perfect soul machine.

A cada passa
At Versaris: No apte (3.37)
CD: “A cada passa”
Author: Rodrigo Laviña, Pau Llonch

Catalan rap now has a number of options to choose from. El Nota, Indigna and genre pioneers At Versaris are just a few examples. A cada passa is the second album on which this collective of the Barcelona’s neighbourhood of Sants give a hip-hop shape to their various causes.

Ayrton Senna
Delorean: Deli (4.39)
CD: “Ayrton Senna”
Author: Delorean

They are from Zarautz, but they live in Barcelona. They are musicians, DJs, promoters and remixers. Franz Ferdinand have worked with them, Pitchfork and NME are raving about them. Delorean are a world dance rock phenomenon.

Un cafè setenta matins
Élena: Plou (2.53)
CD: “Un cafè setenta matins”
Author: Helena Miquel, Víctor Francisco, Dani Ruiz Jones, Marc Marés, Raül Moya, Oscar d’Anniello

Helena Miquel is one of the sweetest and most original voices in the country. After the massive success of Facto Delafé y Las Flores Azules she returns to Élena, the group that made her name, with new members, songs and attitude.

Viva la música!
Internet 2: Arco de San Martín (2.32)
CD: “Viva la música!”
Author: Carlos Carbonell

If office machines could make music at night, when the employees are gone, then they would sound like Internet 2. In Viva la música! the fax, the printer and the answering machine play everything from electronic pop to local sardanas.

Viatge a Montserrat
Quimi Portet: Homes i dones del cap dret (3.40)
CD: “Viatge a Montserrat”
Author: Quimi Portet

Warm and inspired. Quimi Portet turns his personal Viatge a Montserrat into his best ever album. Along the way he finds Albert Pla, remembers Adrià Puntí and is confirmed as the original and essential musician that he is.

Com cremar una ciutat
Rosa-Luxemburg: El que dius i el que no dius (3.42)
CD: “Com cremar una ciutat”
Author: Rosa-Luxemburg

Pol Fuentes is the tireless force behind Rosa Luxemburg. This is the new rock Made in Catalonia, with attitude, image and references both modern and classic. In Com Cremar una ciutat they find just the right path for their energetic and contemporary sound.

Macumba o muerte
Za!: Polígamo industrial (4.09)
CD: “Macumba o muerte”
Author: Za!

Avantgarde with a sense of humour. Energy and the element of surprise. Songs or sonic chaos? Macumba o Muerte is the battle cry of a trio recently distilled into a duo – Za! Music is not meant to be understood, it’s meant to be heard.

Anímic: Kent Forest (3.11)
CD: “Himalaya”
Author: Animic

Meticulous and highly personal, Anímic is one of the most representative groups in the new Catalan folk-pop. They live, rehearse and record together in the same place – at home – and their instruments join the noises and silences of their daily environment.

Sin técnica
Oníric: Underestimating break(4.48)
CD: “Sin técnica”
Author: Maria Rodés

Oníric is María Rodés. A new way of doing things. Original pop, seductive folk, songs with their own universe. Oníric travels the same paths as other playful musicians with psychedelic leanings, like Anímic or El Petit de Cal Eril.

El Primero era mejor
Manos de Topo: Lógico que salga mal (3.37)
CD: “El Primero era mejor”
Author: Miguel Ángel Blanca, Pau Julià, Alejandro Marzoa, Rafael de los Arcos

Miguel Angel Blanca characterises the tearful, angst-ridden style of post-punk singers in the best out-of-love songs of recent times. Life’s tragicomedy viewed with intelligent humour by Manos de Topo.