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Compilation CD World Music from Catalonia 2010
Compilation CD World Music from Catalonia 2010

Catalonia’s world of music is better heard as boxes without labels. It is distinctive and varied.

This compilation is not just samples of different styles and genres from different parts of the world. Yet it is a good view into the worlds of music in Catalonia today. The tracks are selected by ICIC from Francesc Viladiu’s (music programmer) proposal in collaboration with Jordi Bertran (Festival Internacional de Música Popular i Tradicional de Vilanova i la Geltrú), Philip David Ellwand (freelance consultant, UK), Ramon Fontdevila (Centre de Promoció de la Cultura Popular i Tradicional Catalana, Departament of Culture and the Media of the Catalan Government), José Miguel López (Discópolis, Radio 3, Radio Nacional de España), Lluís Puig (Mercat de Música Viva de Vic), Jordi Turtós (music journalist) and Jordi Urpí (music journalist).


Coetus: Son d’arriba (4.30)
CD: “Coetus”
Author: Tradicional, arranged by Aleix Tobias and Eliseo Parra

Asturian tambourines, cantaras (metal pitchers), tarañuelas (a type of castanet), zambomba drums... Throughout history these instruments have accompanied dances or story songs and have marked the rhythm of processions. Their having fallen into disuse, since 2007 this Iberian percussion group has looked to bring them back to life alongside collaborators as notable as Eliseo Parra.

Miquel Gil & Manel Camp Trio amb David Pastor
Miquel Gil & Manel Camp Trio amb David Pastor: La torre dels sons (5.25)
CD: “Miquel Gil & Manel Camp Trio amb David Pastor”
Author: Leonard Cohen

The unmistakeable voice of Miquel Gil and the Mediterranean smoothness of pianist Manel Camp have combined to present some true musical gold. Joan Manuel Serrat, Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen are some of the names which are filtered through their musical sieve, by way of styles such as blues, samba and tango.

Folkincats: La dama d’Aragó (4.22)
CD: “Folkincats”
Author: Traditional, arranged by Oriol González

Under the name of Folkincats, this quartet freely adapts traditional songs and dances. Setting out from jazz manouche, they incorporate elements ranging from classical arrangements to improvised passages, using rhythms, tones or melodic variations without any limitations beyond those provided by the sound ranges of their instruments.

Orquestra Àrab de Barcelona: Mi tierra (6.35)
CD: “Maktub”
Author: Mohammed Bout Ayoub, Mohammed Soulimane, Fayza Denguir

The Orquestra Àrab de Barcelona continues to talk about peace, integration, tolerance, love and coexistence on Maktub, their second work, which features a balanced mix between traditional Arab music and influences from various Mediterranean countries.

Mara Aranda & Solatge: Romanç de la Porquerola (6.16)
CD: “Dèria”
Author: Tradicional, Maria Elena Martínez Aranda, Joansa Maravilla, Eduard Navarro, Josep Maria Ribelles, Jose Ramón Martínez

Story songs, work songs, dances and lullabies... Mara Aranda & Solatge bring together some of the most renowned musicians in roots music, doing so with the aim of offering a new perspective on the popular and traditional repertoire from the lands once belonging to the Catalan-Aragonese crown.

Romanços i estampes del 21
Túrnez & Sesé: Repartiment (3.02)
CD: “Romanços i estampes del 21”
Author: Jaume Subirana, Daniel Sesé

Faithful to their track record of setting the words of the great poets to music, Túrnez & Sesé present Romanços i estampes del 21. This time they have interpreted and set to music seven contemporary poets, using Mediterranean sounds and influences from troubadour song forms, with production by Toni Xuclà.

Coplas del Querer
Miguel Poveda: Vente tú conmigo (4.02)
CD: “Coplas del Querer”
Author: Antonio Quintero, Rafael de León, Manuel Quiroga

The eighth album by Miguel Poveda is a tribute to a genre which he listened to at home as a child, the copla, with eighteen tracks which are anything but old-fashioned thanks to the collaboration with Joan Albert Amargós, Alberto Iglesias and the guitarist Chicuelo. This is another gem of one of the most internationally renowned careers of the Catalan scene.

Lluny del camí ral
Xavier Baró: Submergit en el riu (3.41)
CD: “Lluny del camí ral”
Author: Xavier Baró

Original songs take on psychedelic nuances within the musical universe of Xavier Baró, who is regarded as an authentic contemporary minstrel. Folk, rock... This is free-spirited music by an introspective musician who creates his highly personal work in defiance of fashion or musical movements.

Vergonya, cavallers, vergonya
Al Tall: Cançó des de València – Vergonya, cavallers, vergonya (5.17)
CD: “Vergonya, cavallers, vergonya”
Author: Vicent Torrent, Manuel Miralles, Miguel Blanco, Jordi Reig

According to the Book of Deeds, “Vergonya, cavallers, vergonya”(“Shame on you, knights, shame on you”) are the words Jaume I used when addressing his knights, who had decided not to charge at the beginning of the Battle of Portopí, during the conquest of Mallorca. Al Tall presents, under the same title, a new collection, in collaboration with Tomeu Penya and Jan Maria Carlotti.

Històries desencantades
Xazzar: Històries desencantades (3.33)
CD: “Històries desencantades”
Author: Ildefons Alonso, Toni Vilaprinyó, Àngela Llinares, Laia Serra, Noemí Rubio, Clara Peya, Miranda Gas

Dreams and fantasy are intertwined with awareness and reality for Xazzar. Their second album is a record with devilish rhythms and arrangements which take on a wide range of musical styles (swing, gypsy, rock or jazz) and which are combined with the delicacy of the classical world, showing us that festivity and thoughtfulness are not mutually exclusive.

Sarabat d’Aran
Bramatopin: Te vòs maridar Roseta? (2.43)
CD: “Sarabat d’Aran”
Author: Occitan traditional, arranged by Bramatopin

Performing under the same name as an ancient instrument made from a clay pot, the band Bramatopin not only offers the revival of a traditional repertoire but also its own original compositions along with the adaptation of popular pieces from the Vall d’Aran and Aquitaine, combining local instruments with contemporary rhythms and sounds.

Vol. 2
Dijous Paella: Ulls de vidre (3.22)
CD: “Vol. 2”
Author: Marc Serrats

With their rumba catalana and their confident, amusing lyrics, they have audiences eating out of their hands. Dijous Paella succeed to make people dance and sing with music that is free from prejudice and full of colourful sounds, which they obtain using acoustic instruments from fields as diverse as flamenco or the copla.

Ojos de Brujo: Nueva vida (4.12)
CD: “Aocaná”
Author: Ojos de Brujo

Following Vengue, Barí and Techarí, the Barcelona-based band presents an album filled with musical experiments but maintaining the essence of the group, clearly laid down with a fusion of musical styles (rumba catalana, hip-hop, electronic, rock and funk) and featuring their flamenco accent, which is multilingual and truly transnational.

Via Mandarina
La Pegatina: Gat rumberu (2.34)
CD: “Via Mandarina”
Author: Ferran Ibañez, Axel Magnani, Rubén Sierra, Ovidi Díaz, Romaní Renard, Adrià Salas

These are the new kings of the rumba catalana, with festive live sets and fresh, playful and danceable melodies. On their album Via mandarina La Pegatina describe the road that has led to their second record release, which blends effort and perseverance, but also honesty and positive energy.

En Blanc
Nour: La ment en blanc (4.37)
CD: “En Blanc”
Author: Yacine Belahcene, Marc Llobera, Francisco Guisado, Manolo López, Stephane Carteaux, Olalla Castro

“Nour” is the word for “light” in Arabic and also the name of this group which offers feeling, emotions, desires and dreams partway between Eastern and Western traditions. This track in their second album (sung in Catalan, Arabic, Spanish and French) mixes urban rhythms and electronic grooves, a perfect cushion to support their warm melodies and leave, as its title says, “la ment en blanc” (the mind uncluttered).

Mayte Martín: Por la mar chica del puerto (2.55)
Author: Manuel Alcántara, Mayte Martín

Mayte Martín says that this homage to the poet Manuel Alcántara aims to be “what Manuel would sing if instead of writing poetry, he sang his life”. This is a selection of the poems which have most moved the cantaora, set to music and interpreted with the musical moods that are inherent to them.

Vida més alta
Toti Soler: Nevada la terra (1.57)
CD: “Vida més alta”
Author: Toti Soler, Sílvia Amigó

Guitarist and singer Toti Soler breaks three years of recording silence with an album which completes the Three Lives trilogy that he began in 2002. Original compositions, poems by Silvia Amigó set to music and adaptations of poems by Lorca, Cernuda and Vinyoli show, once again, why he is one of the most important figures in Catalan music.

Ravid Hang
Ravid: Loca (5.19)
CD: “Ravid Hang”
Author: Ravid Goldschmidt, Sílvia Pérez Cruz. Published by Bucks Music Group Española SL (c/o Ediciones Musicales Clipper’s)

Israeli-born Ravid left his country to devote himself to the study and manufacture of the hang. Alongside his unique technique on this percussion instrument of ephemeral sounds, Ravid is occasionally accompanied by the extraordinary voice of Silvia Pérez.

Tan alta com va la lluna
Carles Dénia i la Nova Rimaire: Tan alta com va la lluna (cant de batre) (1.04)
CD: “Tan alta com va la lluna”
Author: Traditional, Carles Dénia

Gifted with a rough, emotion-filled voice, guitarist and cantaor Carles Dénia serves up one of the most interesting musical offerings in Valencian folk music, perfect for the revision, reinterpretation and promotion of traditional singing, aiming at a more contemporary sound but maintaining the fundamental essence of the style.