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Podcast October 2012
Podcast October 2012


Hello and welcome to Catalan Music’s October 2012 podcast which, as every month, will be keeping you up to date with all the latest news and events on the Catalan music scene, presenting new albums and international concerts by Catalan artists. Catalan Music is the brand name specially created by the ICEC (The Catalan Institute of Cultural Enterprises) for a wide variety of musical genres produced in Catalonia, such as Pop, Jazz, Folk, World Music or Electronic, with a particular stress on international projection.

One of the most productive musicians on the Catalan pop scene is the Barcelona-born singer and guitarist Ramon Rodríguez, who works under the artistic alias of The New Raemon. Faithful to his traditional yearly appointment, The New Raemon has just released a new album, the fifth of his career, entitled ‘Tinieblas, por fin’ (Darkness, at last), a title that ironically plays on the obscurantism of which he has occasionally been accused. On this new album, sung in Spanish, he reformulates ideas and concepts in the framework of a well-developed pop product which is bold in terms of both its arrangements and textures. “You can’t watch the TV for 10 minutes without feeling you’ve been swindled”, says Ramón Rodríguez and his answer to the problem is set down in this inspiring collection of sophisticated and powerful songs.

If the current social convulsion is the subject matter for The New Raemon, this is also the case with Mine!, a band who are strongly influenced by Brit musical tradition, and show their awareness of the problems and confusion of the present-day on their new album, significantly entitled ‘La fi del món’ (The End of the World). Full of well-worked, effervescent pop sounds, vocal harmonies and punchy choruses, the album has also been blessed by the refined touch of 4rt 1a producer, Pere Jou. Mine!’s new album is another very good example of a new Catalan pop product that faithfully reflects the sign of the times.

For many years now, Barcelona has been attracting musicians from all over the world, musicians who have decided to settle down in Catalonia’s capital and have found inspiration for their work here. Such is the case with Juliane Heinemann, a singer, guitarist and composer from Berlin who came to Catalonia in 2006 and began working on the jazz scene through the Esmuc, Catalonia’s Advanced Music School. In 2010 she made her debut with a solo album in English.entitled, ‘Aren’t you glad to be here?’, on which she established a dialogue between jazz and pop with slow, attractive songs, and she’s now released a second album which is more dynamic and direct in nature, entitled ‘True gods’, on which we can appreciate influences such as those of her much-admired Feist and Fiona Apple.

From October 17th to 21th the Greek city of Salonica will be hosting the new edition of Womex, one of the top world music festivals, and Catalan Music will be there with a stand that will also be hosting over a dozen Catalan music companies: A Flor de Tiempo, Jam Session, Laluz Producciones, PTW Music, Rosazul, Tazzuff, The Project, WAM Produccions, Batall Produccions, Central Art Process, Mercat de Música Viva de Vic, Albert Reguant, Comunacuba, Tori Sparks Music/Glass Mountain Records, Post World Industries and Entrelíneas Entertainment., in addition to Fira Mediterrània and Sonde 3 who’ll be present with their own stands. Catalan Music will also be participating in Womex’s showcase programme with live performances by Lenacay, the flamenco-fusion band created by three ex-members of Ojos de Brujo guitarist Ramón Giménez, percussionist Xavi Turull and DJ Panko. Lenacay have just released their new álbum, ‘Ryma’.

So, with Catalan Music’s participation at Womex Salonica, we open this month’s concert agenda, with the shrill riffs of the Castelldefels-based group ’77, a band which is strongly influenced by the music of AC/DC and traditional hard rock. ’77 are set to present their second album ‘High decibels’, with an intensive month’s tour of central and northern Europe kicking off on September 28th in Berlin, and including twelve performances in Germany: on September 29th in Leipzig, the 30th in Frankfurt, on October 3rd in Munich, the 5th in Saarbrücken, the 6th in Cologne, the 8th in Essen, the 10th in Hamburg, the 16th in Lünen, the 17th in Wermelkirchen, the 18th in Koblenz, the 21st in Ludwigsburg and the 28th in Töging am Inn. ’77 will also be performing in Àustria, on October 2nd in Vienna, and three concerts in Switzerland, on the 4th in Aarau, the 26th in Basilea and the 27th in Rüti; one in Holland, on the 9th in Utrecht and a concert in Belgium on October 7th in Ambers. The tour will also include three gigs in Sweden: On October 11th in Malmö, the 12th in Stockholm, the 13th in Göteborg and on November 1st in Avesta, and finally, a concert in Finland on November 2nd , in Mariehamn.

And another two popular Catalan bands, Tokyo Sex Destruction and The Excitements will be performing in France. Tokyo Sex Destruction, a veritable institution in the garage-punk genre, will be performing in Bordeaux on October 4th, on the 5th in Saint-Nazaire and the 6th in Angoulême. And The Excitements will be presenting their powerful vintage soul sounds at a number of French venues: on October 6th in Mont-de-Marsan, the 18th in La Rochelle, the 19th in Vannes, the 20th in Alençon, the 21st in Blois, the 24th in Marcq-en-Baroeul, the 25th in París, November 7th in Bourg-en-Bresse and the 9th in Le Silex.

Two very interesting Electronic Music products will also be billed at European venues this month. Dosem, the artistic alias of Marc Ramírez, will be unfolding his evocative, atmospheric and danceable rhythms at the Amsterdam Dance Event on October 19th and 20th and the Suicide of Western Culture will be offering their post-rock experimentation on October 5th in Vienna, before travelling to France with a concert in Dijon on November 8th and Vendôme on the 9th.

France is also one of the natural markets of two highly charismatic and veteran artists. Paco Ibáñez, the emblematic singer-songwriter, with Valencian and Basque roots, who’s been living in Barcelona for the past two decades, and the viola de gamba virtuoso Jordi Savall. Paco Ibáñez, a living symbol of anti-Franco resistance and also a formidable exponent of Spanish literature, will be returning to France to perform at four different venues: on October 5th in Crolles, the 6th in Saint-Amand-Montrond, the 14th in Vitry-sur-Seine and the 25th in Tulle. And Jordi Savall, a world-recognised master in the field of Early Music, who was distinguished with the prestigious Léonie Sonning Award (the music world’s equivalent of the Nobel Prize), in Denmark, earlier this year, will be performing in Paris on October 16th, in Lyon on November 30th, in Marseilles on December  4th, in Saint-Génies-des-Mourgues on December 7th and Vannes on December 19 th..

Miguel Poveda, one of Catalonia’s top Flamenco singers, who was awarded Catalonia’s National Prize last year in the music category, will be demonstrating his great talent in Finland on October 25th at Helsinki’s Flamenco Festival.

We close this month’s concert agenda with international performances by three leading Jazz artists: Raynald Colom, an outstanding trumpet-player who’s crossed over from Jazz to Flamenco and toured with Manu Chao, will be performing on October 13th at Berlin’s Music’n’Migration festival. Also, singer Tati Cervià, accompanied by the band Sepharazz Mishpaha, will be recreating the Sephardic music, characteristic of the Jewish people who lived in the Iberian peninsula, at the Joods Muziek Festival in Amsterdam, from the 11th to the 14th of October. And the Giulia Valle Quintet, fronted by double-bassist and composer Giulia Valle will be going on a short tour of South Korea from the 12th to the 17th of October with performances at the Jarasum International Jazz Festival, in Gapyeong, and also in Seoul and Busan.

Still on the Jazz front, we have the new series of the Catalan Music compilations "Music From Catalonia’ which offer selections of some of the most interesting products from our current music scene in three volumes devoted to different musical styles featuring songs selected by a group of specialized journalists. One of the discs is dedicated to Catalan Jazz artists and features pieces by David Mengual, Marc Ayza and Phil Woods & Barcelona Jazz Orchestra. This new ‘Music From Catalonia’ CD, like its predecessors, will be distributed by the Catalan Institute of Cultural Enterprises at international fairs and festivals, but if you’d like to have your own free copy, all you have to do is send an e-mail to

Another Catalan Music initiative is the eMagazine, the digital magazine for music made in Catalonia and designed to be read on-screen at the website, whether on your PC, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Catalan Music’s eMagazine is published quarterly and has just brought out a new issue focussing on collaborations between Catalan artists and top international creators.

In the final straight of our podcast, we present you with two female singers who work across different genres. On the one hand, we have singer and actress, Esther Formosa, who, together with her quartet, has released the album ‘Thank You Satan’, a tribute to French singer Léo Ferré with songs adapted to the Catalan language with a musical register oscillating between singer-songwriting and Jazz. The album, which has a distinct poetic and Bohemian flavour, was recorded live at the Teatre Lliure in Barcelona’s Gràcia district, with the special collaboration of Horario Fumero, the late great Tete Montoliu’s double-bassist .

And, last but by no means least, we have another outstanding female vocalist, Judit Neddermann, lead-singer of The Gramophone Allstars who’s released the CD entitled ‘Cançons de la veritat oculta’ (Songs of the Hidden Truth), which is based on texts by the renowned Catalan short-story writer Pere Calders, who was exiled in Mexico during Franco’s regime and died in 1994. The disc features several of his short stories that were transformed into songs by leading Catalan composers such as Jaume Pla, from Mazoni; Guillamino, Maria Rodés and Joan Pons, El Petit de Cal Eril. ‘Cançons de la veritat oculta’ is an adventure that fuses literature and pop in both an eclectic and highly imaginative way.

With the voice of Judit Neddermann, singing the masterly short stories of the late, great Pere Calders, we conclude October’s Catalan Music podcast, in which we’ve talked about pop, jazz and singer-songwriting, the new initiatives by Catalan Music at international fairs and tours abroad by Catalan artists. We’ll be back next month and hope you’ll join us again. Moltes gràcies i fins la propera!


The New Raemon "Risas enlatadas"

Mine! "Núvol"

Juliane Heinemann "All my angels"

Lenacay "Tangoranto"

77' "High decibels"

Tokyo sex destruccion "Get you kness"

Dosem "Beach kisses"

Jordi Savall "Menk kadj tohmi"

Miguel Poveda "El alfarero"

Raynald Colom "Toulouse"

David mengual "Embrió"

Esther Formosa "A avo tina"

Judit Nedderman "Coses de la providència"