EYEcatalunya a key to Catalan creativity
EYEcatalunya a key to Catalan creativity

EYECatalunya´s goal is to promote, at an international level, the work of innovators and creators who live and create from Catalunya.
With this mission they seek to contribute to the construction of an inclusive Catalan identity that integrates all the people who day-by-day build our country, regardless of their place of birth. We embrace innovative creators from all areas of knowledge, not only in the arts, but also in the sciences. We start from the basis that we live in a time when discourses are mixed and the space of creation is interdisciplinary.
EYEcatalunya broadcasts monthly a program available in streaming for computers and mobile devices that allows live interaction with the creators.
EYEcatalunya’s programs take place every second Tuesday at Arts Santa Mònica. Do not miss the opportunity to meet the Catalan cultural and creative talent.


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