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Compilation CD Electronic Music from Catalonia 2010
Compilation CD Electronic Music from Catalonia 2010

Electronic Music from Catalonia 2010 is loaded with bright colours, with a heightened sense of modernist synthetics, and with the warmth and openness to cosmopolitan influences which is such a crucial aspect of Barcelona’s, and Catalunya’s, way of life. It’s a reminder that electronic music is not necessarily some enormous paradigm shift, but a subtle, digital continuation of dance and ritual forms that have persisted and survived for centuries.

Electronic Music from Catalonia’s tracks are selected by ICIC from Javier Blánquez’s (specialized music journalist) proposal in collaboration with Luis Lles (music critic and director of the Festival Periferias), Enric Palau (Sónar), Rob Young (The Wire magazine), and scannerFM.

To listen to Electronic Music from Catalonia 2010 just clik the links below or listen to Electronic Music Radio.

Bu san
Arbol & Fibla: No One Remembers Us Anymore (4.35)
CD: “Bu san”
Author: Vicent Fibla, Miguel Marín

Vicent Fibla and Miguel Marín conceived this music to be played live in front of a projection of the Chinese film Bu san. However the result was so delicate and magical that it just had to be recorded as an album. |

La familia nuclear EP
Ragul: Tereta, la petita extraterrestre (2.53)
CD: “La familia nuclear EP”
Author: Raul Vicente Giralt

The electronic lullaby is not a particularly common genre, but over the years there have been various musicians (Plone, Jeremy Dower) who have produced some. Now Ragul joins them, with these midnight sounds for Martian kids.

Adyo: Monique (edit) (4.12)
CD: “Monique”
Author: Adyo

The electronica offered up by Adyo Pueyo, always relaxed, tinged with melancholy and bathed in pianos and glitches, dives right into the emotional heart of IDM, where mindbenders are transformed into pure affection.

Petermann: Init11 (3.29)
CD: “Init”
Author: Anna Xambó

Techno which is deep, dense, slow, filled with echoes and linked to the minimalism of the plastic arts; peterMann’s track is the Catalan response to artists such as JPLS, Concept or the first Studio 1.

Older: Prologue (Part 4) (5.13)
CD: “Prologue”
Author: Older

In the tradition of Ryuichi Sakamoto + Alva Noto and Kenneth Kirschner, Older offers electronica with crystalline textures over clean impressionistic notes from a grand piano. The union of the avant-garde and desire.

The Ark
Wooky: New world order (5.07)
CD: “The Ark”
Author: Albert Salinas Claret

Albert Salinas recently founded the label Lapsus in order to have an outlet for his personal vision of electronica: mysterious, deeply indebted to classic IDM (Plaid, Autechre) and boasting a strong travel-themed component.

Not for sale (Sendo remix)
Black I.C.E.: Not for sale (Sendo remix) (edit) (4.30)
CD: “Not for sale (Sendo remix)”
Author: Black I.C.E.

The Barcelona duo Black I.C.E. play a dynamic style of techno, with a relaxed atmosphere and cruising speed, while always maintaining respect for the great tradition of bass drums and echoes. This remix is by Sendo, from Girona.

Tribute to pedriky
Deeps Edayar: Ready to June (edit) (4.56)
CD: “Tribute to pedriky”
Author: Javier Orduña, Manel Ruiz / Design by: dexpixels

Javier Orduña and Manel “Sistema” Ruiz pour their fascination with the deep sound of techno into a joint project, Deeps Edayar, which is a summing-up from Barcelona of the eternal Berlin-Detroit connection.

Night pieces
Stainboy: Sparks (Pional remix) (edit) (5.00)
CD: “Night pieces”
Author: Stainboy

With Sparks, Franc Sayol launches himself definitively into production after years as a cosmically-inclined DJ and a compulsive record buyer. His first EP is a psychedelic house behemoth.

Automatic EP
Mar Abella: Automatic (Spiritual Mix) (2.46)
CD: “Automatic EP”
Author: Maria del Mar Abella Solé

Mar Abella’s style is marked out by the short-form collision of vocal melodies and harmonic progressions which strive for an epic quality, like a fusion of 80s pop and cyberdelic rave.

Vinilette: Where to go (edit) (4.24)
CD: “Bliss”
Author: Elisabeth Pibernat / Artwork cover: Fanny Rossi

Vinilette’s sound comes close to the English intelligent techno of the 90s, with melodic bursts that strive for a fleeting moment of ecstasy or an intense emotional rapture. Bells and bleeps with feeling.

VelvetEyeLids EP
Outra-g: You sleep when I’m awake (3.27)
CD: “VelvetEyeLids EP”
Author: Albert Guirao (Outra-g)

Dreamy passages which split into doubly ecstatic melodies and rhythms sketched out with soft angles: the young producer Outra-G puts himself forward as a serious illusionist in the field of oneiric electronica.

Bradien: Fed (3.21)
CD: “Linden”
Author: Bradien

The group Bradien sets out from the post-rock aesthetic – guitars that sound like electronica, electronica that sounds organic – in order to set out on their sweet journey to the most loveable and naïve extremes of pop.

Delorean: Stay close (4.31)
CD: “Subiza”
Author: Delorean

Irredeemably optimistic songs which recall perfect summers and are bathed in technology that can make pop sound more human and angelic: this is the sound of Delorean, just like sunrise on a heavenly beach.

Sunshine Remixes
John Talabot: Sunshine (edit) (4.30)
CD: “Sunshine Remixes”
Author: John Talabot

Last summer’s anthem for quite a few gourmets, Sunshine is proof of the talent of the mysterious John Talabot, a slippery and surprising replicant of the best deep house with Afro touches.

A Los Hechos Me Remito
Sistema: Jarl (edit) (4.33)
CD: “A Los Hechos Me Remito”
Author: Sistema

The humour which usually accompanies the music of Sistema – the title Jarl was inspired by Spanish humorist Chiquito de la Calzada – is offset by the denseness of their sound, which here is comfortably ensconced in the long tradition of German techno-dub.

C156: Latin Mayhem (4.34)
CD: “Oink”
Author: C156

Four admirers of old school rave music have embarked on a rescue crusade: helium vocal samples, pianos, urgent squeals, breakbeats, rewinds... Music to jump around and get crazy to.

Whip Gymnastix
Guillamino: Cricket bug (4.15)
CD: “Whip Gymnastix”
Author: Pau Guillamet i Garcia

Music for the gym; meaning music which is for running, pedalling and doing aerobics just like the people sharpening their look in the most fashionable clubs. A wonky, booty feel with a rustic sense of humour.