High Turnout from Catalonia at Freiburg International Performing Arts and Music Fair
High Turnout from Catalonia at Freiburg International Performing Arts and Music Fair
  • The Internationale Kulturbörse Freiburg is a major event for performing arts festival programmers and managers from Germany and central Europe
  • 22 Catalan companies and institutions will be in attendance from 22 to 25 January 2017

The 29th Internationale Kulturbörse Freiburg (IKF) performing arts and music fair will host 22 Catalan cultural companies, enterprises and institutions from 22 to 25 January. Catalan presence in Freiburg im Breisgau (Germany) will be focused at the Ministry of Culture stand, organised by the Market Development Department of the ICEC (Catalan Institute for Cultural Companies). The aim of the stand, is to promote Catalan proposals amongst industry professionals, mainly programmers and managers of street art, theatre, dance, children's shows, circus and music festivals from Germany and Central Europe.

This year IKF has selected 12 Catalan companies to perform during the festival, who will thus have an opportunity to promote their shows: the Orquestra de Cambra de l’Empordà will open the fair on the 22nd and will be followed by Toti Toronell, Ponten Pie, PSiRC, (nominated for the IKF ‘Freiburger Leiter’ award), Campi Qui Pugui, La Industrial Teatrera, Circ Pistolet, PuntMoc, La Tal, Las Polis (winner of the IKF Street Theatre 2016 award), La Maleta dels Espectacles and Peus de Porc.

Also attending the fair will be the Catalan companies Actua Produccions, Bigolis Teatre, Cia. La Tal,  Cia. Toti Toronell, Circ Pistolet, Campi Qui Pugui, Criant Pèl, Holoqué, La Industrial Teatrera, La Maleta dels Espectacles, La Petita Malumaluga, Las Polis, Obsidiana, Orquestra de Cambra de l’Empordà, Peus de Porc, Ponent Street, Ponten Pie, PSiRC, PuntMoc and Xip Xap TeatreFira Mediterrània de Manresa will be attending as well.

During the fair, personnel from the ICEC Market Development Department will be holding meetings, making new contacts and working to act as liaisons between international professionals and Catalan companies, helping them to access the German market.

Amongst the activities organised at the Catalan stand, on Monday 23 January, there will be a networking session with ILLENC, the Institute of Language and Culture of the Balearic Islands, in order to facilitate professional contacts.

In recent years the Catalan performing arts and music have become a benchmark for German programmers, thanks, amongst other things, to Catalan participation in various editions of the IKF with productions that subsequently successfully toured Germany and Europe.

Many visitors to the IKF are festival programmers and heads of programming at cultural institutions, many of them municipal, who attend the fair in search of street art, theatre, magic, circus, installation and music proposals, which they subsequently sign up for festivals or for the venues they manage. More than 4,500 people attended the 2016 edition of the IKF. A total of 360 exhibitors took part, with 170 live performances by artists and groups from 31 countries.

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