Catalan! Music Pop-Rock UK tour 2011

Catalan! Music Pop-Rock UK Tour
Les Aus
Les Aus is a duet which was formed in 2003. With members Dalmau Boada (guitar, keyboards, tapes, electronics, recorder, vocals) and Arnau Sala (drums, electronics, tapes, synthesizer), two musicians often associated to improvisation and to sounds essentially experimental. Their sonic display flows free, but oscillates between diverse genres such as classic and psychedelic rock, music with roots in the Mediterranean area, post-punk, pop music, free-jazz or even sometimes they can grasp the edges of noise or metal.
Arnau Sala i Saez

Arnau Sala i Saez

  • DayHourGroupFestivalVenueCity
  • 12 May7.15pmLes AusThe Great EscapeLifeBrighton
  • 13 May2.00pmLes AusThe Great EscapeLifeBrighton
  • 18 May9.30pmLes Aus- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -The Bull and the GateLondon
  • 19 May8.00pmLes AusLiverpool Sound CityStatic GalleryLiverpool
  • 20 May7.40pmLes AusLiverpool Sound CityLeaf CaféLiverpool