1st Copenhagen Catalan Film Festival
1st Copenhagen Catalan Film Festival

From 4th to 7th April, it takes place in Denmark the 1st edition of the Copenhagen Catalan Film Festival.
The festival consists on the screening of 4 Catalan contemporary films: ‘Catalunya über alles’; ‘Catalunya – Espanya’, ‘Animals’ and ‘Tapas. There’ will be also a live concert by the band ‘La iaia’ and a tapas-tasting closing the festival.
The filmmaker Ramon Térmens and the CBS University teacher Susanna Borràs will be hosting a discussion about the social, politic and cultural Catalan context.
Check the program, and do not miss the opportunity to join the festival.


April 4th. Thursday
19.00 ’Catalunya Über Alles’
21.00 Opening venue.
Short introduction by the director, Ramon Térmens, and discussion with Susana Borràs, professor and head of the Department of Business and Politics at Copenhagen Business School, about the Catalan context, regarding the politic, social and Film Industry issue.

April 5th. Friday

19.15 ’Cataluña-Espanya’

April 6th. Saturday
19.00 ’Animals’
21.00 ’La Iaia’ Live-concert

April 7th. Sunday
17.00 ’Tapas’
19. 00 Tapas-tasting


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