Compilation CD Electronic Music from Catalonia 2016
Compilation CD Electronic Music from Catalonia 2016

Electronic Music from Catalonia 2016: 17 tracks selected by Javier Blánquez (music journalist) in collaboration with ICEC.

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Pina: Baikonur (5:41)
CD: “Baikonur ”
Autor: Pina

Pedro Pina is the finishing touches man: many of the electronic records released in Barcelona have benefitted from the addition of his distinctive mastering services. It is, however, as a producer that the creativity of this veteran of the underground, who cut his teeth in the late 1990s, soars to new heights. His first album as Pina, Transit, charts his travels and dreams courtesy of techno at its most ethereal.

Etna I
Uxuka: Etna I (3:40)
CD: “Etna I ”
Autor: Uxuka

Fernando Ayesa has spent more than seven years promoting the local scene of Barcelona’s Poble Nou neighbourhood under the guises of DJ, cultural manager and head of the Disboot label, a quest that has previously limited the time he has been able to devote to his own music. Until now, that is: Etna, a maxi made up of two enveloping ambient cuts, represents his emergence as someone capable of evoking sensations that conjure up warmth and comfort.

Tot és ara
Bradien + Eduard Escoffet: Tot és ara (3:02)
CD: “Tot és ara”
Autor: Bradien + Eduard Escoffet

Somewhere between jazz, pop and literature, this combination of Bradien -a classic composition band in search of a strange, sleepwalking sound- and poet Eduard Escoffet has come to represent grand intellectual feats. Their second album together seems to point to their quest to find a space which facilitates a dialogue between Miles Davis and Aphex Twin, with Joan Brossa acting as mediator.

Awwz: Awake (4:21)
CD: “Awake”
Autor: Awwz

Awwz is Gemma, a young Barcelona-born artist who jealously guards the secret of her surname but not her most direct influences: electronica with an ode to R&B and ‘80s electropop, rich in sparkling textures, as if its synthesisers were emitting neon lights. Having released her music in both Mexico and the United States, she now has the confidence and draw to finally become a prophet in her own land.

Your Love
Alizz: Your Love (feat. Max Marshall) (3:08)
CD: “Your Love”
Autor: Alizz (feat. Max Marshall)

Cristian Quirante continues his exploration into the delights of his thrilling sound, consolidating its place in the most colourful and digital branch of the international bass scene. Fascinated by the shimmering textures of R&B and pop from the late 1980s, Alizzz is a master at firing up the melodic elation and rhythmic euphoria. It won’t be long before the biggest divas of the moment start scrapping it out over his beats.

Antarctica (feat. beGun)
Drömnu: Antarctica (feat. beGun) (4:44)
CD: “Antarctica (feat. beGun) ”
Autor: Drömnu

Drömnu is an artist shrouded in mystery, whose identity and origin are jealously guarded secrets, but whose sound is transparent, IDM distilled to the max that always speaks of wide empty spaces, of the beauty of the cold. Antarctica is one of his most recurrent obsessions. He ended up dedicating a track to the frozen continent on his last EP, which featured that other wizard of Barcelona electronica, beGun.

beGun: Dora (4:46)
CD: “Dora ”
Autor: beGun

Gunsal Moreno began the beGun project as a creative outlet for his most profound dreams and emotions: melancholy, in particular, but also the ecstatic happiness of those small moments that come bathed in sunlight. After several EPs overflowing with uplifting melodies, the time has come to take the plunge: Dora is from his first LP, where he expands his sonic palette, which ranges from IDM to house, with some drum’n’bass along the way.

Return to my parents’ hometown in Andalucia
The Suicide of Western Culture: Return to my parents’ hometown in Andalucia (5:00)
CD: “Return to my parents’ hometown in Andalucia”
Autor: The Suicide of Western Culture

The members of TSOWC are electronica scrap collectors, repairmen that overhaul old equipment, vintage technology geeks, and their sound follows that ethic of recycling: their tracks are bite-size chunks of analogue noise, a halfway house reflecting the ecstasy of techno and the energy of rock, much along the lines of the famous Oscar Wilde quote: ‘We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.’

Shigatsu Kokonoka
Olde Gods: Shigatsu Kokonoka (5:27)
CD: “Shigatsu Kokonoka”
Autor: Olde Gods

Olde Gods is a product of the coming together of two eccentric minds: Pau Guillamet, expert in merging hyper-sexualised funk with rural folk and Jami Bassols, better known as JMII, one of Barcelona’s greatest champions of Chicago-style house. The result could only be a tribute to the old school disco, featuring a nod to Prince and an individual and original sense of humour.

Garvey City
Pau Roca: Garvey City (5:40)
CD: “Garvey City”
Autor: Pau Roca

For years, Pau Roca has been one of the main driving forces of the house scene in Barcelona: DJ, record label head—notably of Bons Records—writer and opinion leader, he has most recently added the title of producer to his CV as well. His sound is classic and elegant, but also ironic: Garvey City is one of the tracks on a mysterious EP inspired by the recent cases of political corruption in Catalonia.

Cops de cap
Pedro Vian: Cops de cap (5:39)
CD: “Cops de cap”
Autor: Pedro Vian

Having previously lined up as one half of duo Aster, Pedro Rufí has dispensed with his old stage name, Pettre, and assumed a new identity, Pedro Vian, through which he is delving into the most remote corners of cosmic techno. His label, Modern Obscure Music, is currently one of the most creative platforms for Barcelona electronica, a space for the personal pursuit of two objectives: profound concepts and timeless sound.

Shelby Grey: Forever (4:54)
CD: “Forever ”
Autor: Shelby Grey

Having stopped producing and DJing as Vicknoise, Víctor Palomo became Shelby Grey, a new evolution that has brought him his greatest successes to date: as resident DJ at the Nitsa club and with a string of EPs on labels like Holographic People and Tracy Records on which he showcases his obsession with Detroit techno and the robotic beat of electro, all wrapped up in the warm textures of vintage synthesiser.

Soft Geometry
30drop: Soft Geometry (6:31)
CD: “Soft Geometry”
Autor: 30drop

30drop, it is attitude and ideas that make this project special: led by a Barcelona hard techno veteran who has decided the time has come to embrace the principles of Detroit masters, such as Robert Hood and Mike Banks: repetition, obsession, cosmos, science, maths and emotion. His vinyl series is currently one of the most exciting ventures on the Catalan scene.

Melancholy Street
Marc Marzenit: Melancholy Street (4:28)
CD: “Melancholy Street ”
Autor: Marc Marzenit

Marc Marzenit’s school of techno has always been characterised by melancholic, stirring, sweet melodies: as he says himself, ‘for dancing with tears in your eyes’. After many years of triumphant live performances and EPs spun to breaking point, the Mollerussa artist has finally released his debut album—an inner journey inspired by his travels around the world in which bares his soul and exposes the perfection of his technique and his purity of heart.

Moviment II
Exoteric Continent: Moviment II (4:52)
CD: “Moviment II ”
Autor: Exoteric Continent

Arnau Sala swapped guitars for machines many years ago now, as he did hardcore for an electronica with one foot in noise and the other exploring sound in its most fractious and experimental forms. Exoteric Continent is his most developed project yet, under which he has released albums, tapes and track compilations on some of the most interesting international new wave industrial techno labels.