ICEC’s Promotion Department has created Catalan! Arts due to promote the Catalan creative industries abroad.

Catalan! Arts is intended to identify and internationally disseminate the production of the cultural companies based in Catalonia: record companies and labels, publishers, art galleries, performing arts companies, audio-visual and multimedia companies. Also gathers the contributions of associations and other entities that work to improve creation in Catalonia and to show it to the world.

Catalan! Arts was created in 2005 in reply to the needs to promote the Catalan cultural industry at international fairs and markets. Designed by the prestigious Barcelona Claret Serrahima studio (the founder of which is one of those responsible for the international recognition of Catalonia, with Barcelona at the forefront, as the cradle of the most advanced design), the Catalan! Arts trademark has different versions that allow better representation of Catalan cultural production.

These trademarks are: Catalan! Books, Catalan! Music, Catalan! Theatre, Catalan! Circus i Catalan! Dance.

Here you can find all Catalan! Arts trademarks ready to downloading them.