Four Catalan bands to take part in the Eurosonic music festival 2020 and ETEP programme
Four Catalan bands to take part in the Eurosonic music festival 2020 and ETEP programme

Índiga, Maruja Limón, Tribade and Lina_Raül Refree are the acts selected to perform at Eurosonic Festival from 15 to 18 January in Groningen and will become part of the European Talent Exchange Programme (ETEP) which will include their presence in the line-up at numerous European festivals during 2020

• Since 2012, a total of 33 Catalan groups have participated at Eurosonic and ETEP with the support of The Catalan Institute for Cultural Companies

Catalan bands Índiga, Maruja Limón, Tribade and Lina_Raül Refree have been selected to perform at the forthcoming edition of Eurosonic, one of the most influential and important festivals of professional music of Europe, that will take place in Groningen (Netherlands) from 15 to 18 of January, 2020.

The four bands will participate at ETEP (European talent Exchange Programme), an initiative with the support of the European Union with the aim of facilitate the circulation and the contracts of European groups in festival above all the continent.

The Catalan Institute for Cultural Companies, as an ETEP partner, will take part helping the bands with travel expenses to the Groningen event providing promotional support through its internationalisation brand, Catalan Arts- Music.

It is open to the general public industry professionals alike, Eurosonic is both a music festival and marketplace, that showcases the latest trends in music and emerging European artists, The Dutch event brings together hundreds of professionals (managers, bookers, programme, coordinators, artists, etc) every year and it has become a world-class talent exchange and networking opportunity for the actor.

Professionals attending Eurosonic in January will discover the talents of Índiga, the project of the pianist Clara Peya and the bassist and producer Vic Moliner, they will have the opportunity of joining Maruja Limón and their flamenco inspired work, the rap vibration and urban music of the feminine trio Tribade, discovering the new faddist adventure of Raül Refree with the Portuguese singer Lina and contact with their respective managers for possible contracts.

ETEP, the European Programme of Talent Exchange

The ETEP (European Talent Exchange Programme) began with the aim of alleviating the difficulties experienced but the European pop music scene, in terms of international promotion and distribution. Despite its great diversity and quality, European music has always struggled to compete with the Anglo-American repertoire that has historically taken centre stage with regard to professional music distribution and promotion. Therefore, the ETEP has established to stimulate cultural, business and media cooperation in the European music industry and develop a solid network for promoting, supporting and encouraging the free flow of European musical talent across the continent.

The festival and market Eurosonic, which is celebrated in January in Groningen, is used as a platform to gather network festivals and help the emerging European bands to make themselves known by being part of the ETEP programme all year.

Festivals attending Eurosonic that are affiliated with the ETEP receive economic incentives to book at least one of the artists performing, as long as they are not from the same country as the hosting festival. The system is supported by the European Commission, the EBU radio broadcasters and the European Festival Association Yourope.

There are currently 129 festivals in 37 countries, including the Mercat de Música Viva de Vic (Vic Live Music Market), the Primavera Sound and VIDA Festival. Also, it has participated actively 16 international offices of music exportation, including IEC- Catalan Arts with the aim of giving support to the Catalan artists that are making a proposal because it is one of the most important items for the international promoting of the emerging talent.

Catalan involvement in the ETEP programme

With the aim of supporting and promoting Catalan artists, the Catalan Institute for Cultural Companies joined ETEP in 2011 and since 2012 has supported the Catalan bands chosen each year. Last year the bands choose to take part were: Akkan, Boxinbox, Muyayo Ruf, Pavvla and Tversky, that have been able to take part of ETEP and to benefit from it the whole year with some contract facilities of the from the festivals that participate in the programme.

With the purpose of giving support and promote internationally the Catalan Artists, ICEC takes part of the programme in ETEP as a partner since 2011 and supporting since 2012 the bands that are selected every year.

33 bands have participate in the Eurosonic programme since 2012:

2012 - Mujeres, Muchachito Bombo Infierno, The Suicide of Western Culture, Za!
2013 - Evripidis and his Tragedies, The Excitements, Za!
2014 - Bongo Botrako, Headbirds, La Pegatina, Seward
2015 - Joana Serrat, La Sra Tomasa, Maika Makovski, Mourn, Oso Leone
2016 - beGun, CaboSanRoque, Núria Graham, Ocellot, Svper
2017 - Beach Beach, Bearoid, Olde Gods, Txarango
2018 - Mueveloreina, Museless, Odina, The Zephyr Bones
2019 - Akkan, Boxinbox, Muyayo Rif, Pavvla, Tversky

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