Sismògraf transforms (us) in 2020
Sismògraf transforms (us) in 2020
  • Catalonia's strategic marketplace for dance, originally set to take place from 23 to 26 April 2020, has made plans to reinvent itself in the form of "aftershocks" this autumn. Meanwhile, the professional day scheduled for 24 April remains on the calendar but moves online.

The current situation brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic has spurred organisers to rethink the 2020 edition of Sismògraf, Catalonia's strategic marketplace for dance. The festival, originally scheduled for 23 to 26 April, will not take place as planned. Rather, it will put on a brave new face under the slogan "Nothing is created or destroyed. Everything transforms (us)", hinting at the fact that the activities for this year's event have not been cancelled, only given new shape and form. As a result, the professional day will be held online, a range of performances will be put on in autumn later this year, and a new line of support will be set in motion to help the dance industry through these trying times.

Autumn 2020 will bare witness as Sismògraf rises from the ashes like we have never seen it before. The largest number of performances on the programme for April will be rescheduled in the form of aftershocks (performances taking place after the festival) and pyroclastics (performances in venues outside Olot).

Pro day

The professional portion of the festival will be held on 24 April and cover the same material as originally planned. However, it is moving online, meaning that it will be streamed live via internet and recorded for subsequent viewing purposes. The professional activities include the "Emergència climàtica i cultura" (Climate emergency and culture) conference, the project presentations in the magma chamber, a speed meeting session with the companies that planned on attending the festival and a farewell party via social media.

Registration is open until 17 April for all interested professionals.

Supporting the industry, our priority

At Catalan Arts, the internationalisation brand for the Catalan Institute for Cultural Companies (ICEC), we are working alongside Sismògraf and the companies to kick-start lines of support for the dance industry. Phase one involves getting in touch with the companies to hear first-hand about their needs and concerns, following which we will study the circumstances, devise strategies and come up with effective ideas for helping them on a case-by-case basis.

We are working tirelessly to reschedule the greatest number of performances from Sismògraf's 2020 programme as aftershocks or pyroclasts in autumn 2020, or within Olot Cultura's regular performing arts programme for 2021.

Moreover, an online speed meeting session has been added to the professional day to give programmers the chance to speak with the companies and artists they would have been able to meet up with in person at the festival.


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