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Compilation CD Pop Rock from Catalonia 2011
Compilation CD Pop Rock from Catalonia 2011

Put this CD in your player and you will hear a selection of all the fine music that is made in Catalonia and you hear that these artists can, will and should be heard and be popular everywhere in the world.

Tracks selected by Albert Juncosa (artistic director, BAM festival) in collaboration with Anna Cerdà (Pop Arb festival), Nando Cruz (music journalist), Jordi Herreruela (Casa de a Música Mataró – Clap), Albert Puig (music journalist) and Peter Smidt (BumaCultuur, Eurosonic Noordeslag).

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Pop negro
El Guincho: Bombay (3.37)
CD: “Pop negro”
Author: Pablo Díaz-Reixa

Three years ago, Pablo Díaz-Reixa surprised us with a fusion of tropicalia, electronica and pop. Now he has revised the concept he created and moved closer to influences from Spanish producers of the 1980s.

Adelante Bonaparte
Standstill: Adelante Bonaparte (I) (3.09)
CD: “Adelante Bonaparte”
Author: Enrique Montefusco, Federico Falkner, Ángel Alberto Elvira, Ricardo Lavado

It has been more than a decade since the Barcelona band Standstill began its unparalleled career, evolving from classic hardcore to emotion-charged pop-rock. Their latest album is a true example of pure creativity.

Una forma de hablar
Maria Rodés: Una forma de hablar (2.45)
CD: “Una forma de hablar”
Author: Maria Rodés

The debut album by singer Maria Rodés distils a beauty that is both commonplace and mysterious. Using dreamlike melodies and all kinds of textures, harmonies and choirs, her original songs maintain a simple, homemade feel.

Inspira: Focs i brases (2.43)
CD: “Escapistes”
Author: Jordi Lanuza

The mainstay of Inspira, Jordi Lanuza, knows how to transform his inner force into poetry and sensitivity. His second album moves the listener with the warmth of the compositions and confirms all the predictions that marked him out as one of the major talents of Catalan pop rock.

Los peces de colores
Nueva Vulcano: Te debo un baile (2.20)
CD: “Los peces de colores”
Author: Artur Estrada Blanco, Albert Guàrdia, Wenceslao Aparicio

Since its formation in 2004, this is one of the bands which has captured the most attention on Catalonia’s independent rock scene. It has just released its third album, filled with passion and pure rock and roll.

Vol i dol
El Petit de Cal Eril: Cau la neu (3.11)
CD: “Vol i dol”
Author: Joan Pons

His debut album was a revelation. His second album confirms and exceeds expectations while showing us Joan Pons now avoiding irony and searching for meaning in what he sees around him.

L’ingenu és lliure
Ix!: Avui sí (2.54)
CD: “L’ingenu és lliure”
Author: Eduard González Soto, David Mullor Martínez

With their debut album they situated themselves as the focus of attention within the new wave of independent Catalan groups. Now they have returned with a second album featuring more rock and electronica, on which the band declares its love of risk-taking.

Epés reunidos
The New Raemon: Sucedáneos (3.12)
CD: “Epés reunidos”
Author: Ramon Rodríguez

Alma mater of some of the most creative groups on the Catalan scene, Ramon Rodríguez has just released a magnificent compilation of his three EPs, with a number of cover versions and collaborations with artists as diverse as Lluís Gavaldà (Els Pets) and Manos de Topo.

Al marge d’un camí
Sanjosex: Animal salvatge (4.42)
CD: “Al marge d’un camí”
Author: Carles Sanjosé

The third album by singer-songwriter Carles Sanjosé already smells like a classic and consolidates him among the big names in the Catalan cançó, offering up tracks with a Mediterranean feel without losing sight of the lost traditions or idyllic locations of the Empordà region.

Pau Vallvé: Protagonistes (4.01)
CD: “2010”
Author: Pau Vallvé

2010 has been a year of great change for Pau Vallvé. After releasing different works under different names and being one of the most active producers in Catalonia, he presents his most personal album so far. It is a masterpiece, faithful to the immediacy of first intuitions.

Els Pets: Draps de cuina (4.47)
CD: “Fràgil”
Author: Lluís Gavaldà

They form part of the collective soundtrack of Catalonia, moving beyond trends and fashion, showing their ability to keep going and to cross generational divides over 25 years. Their lengthy career is fully reflected on their tenth album.

Un brindis pel nen androide
Mine!: Manatís (2.53)
CD: “Un brindis pel nen androide”
Author: Albert Guirao (Outra-g)

They made a name for themselves in 2009 and now present their debut album. Their pop sound knows no boundaries and displays influences as diverse as Frank Sinatra, Pau Riba and My Bloody Valentine.

Contra todo pronóstico
Joan Colomo: La mort (1.48)
CD: “Contra todo pronóstico”
Author: Joan Colomo Azcárate

This album by Joan Colomo is one of the most interesting surprises of this season: acoustic sounds, orchestral arrangements and an irreverent spontaneity all turn this album into a tragicomedy which is hard to forget.

El món en un cafè
4t 1a Quart Primera: 8 punts (1.49)
CD: “El món en un cafè”
Author: Pere Jou

Having played in private flats and on roof terraces, now 4t 1a shows itself to be the new sensation on the local scene. Simple and direct, its songs transcend barriers as they move between pop and folk.

Anna Roig i l’ombre de ton chien
Anna Roig i l’ombre de ton chien: Corro sota la pluja (4.14)
CD: “Anna Roig i l’ombre de ton chien”
Author: Anna Roig

Surprising, ironic and tender, this offering by Anna Roig i l’ombre de ton chien has quickly carved out its own space on the Catalan music scene. This debut album brings together a French chanson heritage with pop- and jazz-based arrangements.

Miedo al silencio
Espaldamaceta: Hoy sé que fue mejor (3.57)
CD: “Miedo al silencio”
Author: José Juan González Nieto

Espaldamaceta’s vocal cords and nylon guitar strings again explore the melancholy and sadness with which he made his mark two years ago, with profound and sincere original songs.

A la casa d’enlloc
Roger Mas: Bolígrafs, naus, rodes (3.56)
CD: “A la casa d’enlloc”
Author: Roger Mas

Heir to the great masters of the Catalan cançó and one of the most remarkable voices in the country, this singer-songwriter from Solsona shows his versatility with a new album (his seventh) on which he shows his most energetic and rocking side.

Ordre i aventura
Mishima: Com abans (2.47)
CD: “Ordre i aventura”
Author: Mishima

If their previous album consolidated the band, this album will immortalise them on the Spanish pop rock circuit. The group led by David Carabén has found its own voice, allowing these everyday tales to be told in a universal language.

Palindromê EP
(lo:muêso): Triangle de Tartàglia (4.16)
CD: “Palindromê EP”
Author: (lo:muêso)

Heirs to the spirit of US punk bands, (lo:muêso) have been playing live for almost ten years. Their intense, dynamic and forceful rock sound betrays influences ranging from Sonic Youth to Mogwai.

Els Surfing Sirles EP
Els Surfing Sirles: Han atropellat el gat (2.53)
CD: “Els Surfing Sirles EP”
Author: Pau Carabén

They take rock and roll to incendiary extremes and now present their debut album: an audacious, ironic criticism featuring popular references as diverse as the FC Barcelona club song and a mariachi tune.