Catalan! Music Pop-Rock UK tour 2011

Catalan! Music Pop-Rock UK Tour
Aias are Gaia, Laia and Miriam. Pop with distortion, lots of "oooos" and vocal harmonies in in a cave with endless ceilings sung in their native Catalan. The desire to win in the fight against the instrument itself, the need to shout a bit during the week, a Vivian Girls concert during the Primavera Sound Festival and the providential intervention of Cristian Pallejà (Nisei, Sedaiós) lead to a home made recording in a village lost in Catalonia and an unexpected winter signing with the New York Label, Captured tracks.

Joan Casulleras

Rafael Piera

  • DayHourGroupFestivalVenueCity
  • 13 May1.00pmAiasThe Great EscapeLifeBrighton
  • 13 May7.45pmAiasThe Great EscapeHoratiosBrighton
  • 21 May7.15pmAiasLiverpool Sound CityStudio 2Liverpool