Compilation CD World Music from Catalonia 2013
Compilation CD World Music from Catalonia 2013

World Music from Catalonia 2013: 18 tracks selected by MariaJo López Vilalta (journalist and music activist) in collaboration with Josep Maria Hernández Ripoll (journalist), Jordi Lara (writer), Jordi Urpí (music chronicler) and Francesc Viladiu (music programmer).

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Che Sudaka: 10 (3.57)
CD: “10”
Autor: Marcos Alejandro Fernández, Leonardo Gabriel Fernández, Sergio Adrián Morales Cleves, Sebastián Martínez Ceballos Schierano, John Jairo Pineda Castro, Markus Rogozinski

Coinciding with ten-year anniversary of their founding, this grungy, upbeat band of indie sound enthusiasts presents its latest work, 10. These Colombian and Argentinean musicians, who arrived in Barcelona in 2000 undocumented but with a legitimate desire to do big things, once more mix cumbia, rumba, reggae and punk with their crazy blender.

Estrada do sol
Luna Cohen: Samba chê (3.43)
CD: “Estrada do sol”
Autor: Luna Cohen

A fervent follower of the great Tom Jobim, one of whose songs (Strada do sol) she has taken as the title of her first album, this Catalonia-based Brazilian woman takes us to the heart of her country through the sounds of bossa nova, samba, as well as jazz. Discovered in the streets of Barcelona by Manu Chao himself, Luna Cohen is shaping up to be our most promising Brazilian singer.

Mañana Sol
La Màlaga: Només tu i jo (3.49)
CD: “Mañana Sol”
Autor: Víctor del Río

Since they were kids, they’ve been meeting up in Pl. Bonet i Muixí, known as La Màlaga, in the Hostafrancs district in Barcelona, and hence the name of the band. None of them are gypsies, but they’ve been nourished by the rumba roots of the garrotín, El Pescaílla, Peret and Gato Pérez. Mañana Sol, their opera prima, dedicated, in fact, to Peret, the king of rumba, delivers genuine, additive-free rumba from the first track onwards.

Sur son 31
21 BOuTONS: Rumb a una estrella (3.01)
CD: “Sur son 31”
Autor: Pere Romaní

Wallonia, in Belgium, and Catalonia are blended in the twenty-one buttons of the diatonic accordions of Marinette Bonnert and Pere Romaní. A unique duo that recaptures the essence of folk in complete harmony. Cheerful rhythms, cadences to enjoy and dance to and a rich testimonial to traditional Walloon and Catalan compositions, which interact as if they’d been doing it all their lives.

Alma de cantaora
Amparo Sánchez: Alma de cantaora (4.47)
CD: “Alma de cantaora”
Autor: Amparo Sánchez

The soothing voice of the shaman La Abuela Margarita begins this intoxicating song with which Amparo Sánchez opens her second solo disc and from which it gets its name. This Andalusian woman residing in Catalonia gives voice and soul to song, and after a long and successful career on the mestizo music scene, she now commits herself to deep and intimate songs, packed with sincerity and purity.

Benvinguts al llarg viatge
Txarango: Benvinguts (3.43)
CD: “Benvinguts al llarg viatge”
Autor: Txarango

They invite us on a long journey on the byways of fusion, often stopping in places where reggae can be heard alongside pop or Latin alongside dub and rumba. They’re Txarango, the phenomenon which is revolutionising the Catalan mestizo music scene. Pure positive energy and a strong desire to have a good time and spread it around, both at their live concerts and through this adventurous and unstoppable album.

Roger Mas i la Cobla Sant Jordi Ciutat de Barcelona
Roger Mas and La Cobla Sant Jordi Ciutat de Barcelona: El dolor de la bellesa (4.21)
CD: “Roger Mas i la Cobla Sant Jordi Ciutat de Barcelona”
Autor: Roger Mas

This singer-songwriter from Solsona, an activist of musical expressions from all over the world, is accompanied by one of the most well-established and popular Catalan music ensembles, or cobles, of the moment: La Cobla Sant Jordi. The double-reed woodwinds and brass of the cobla unite to perform some treasures of European song and other new pieces, such as El dolor de la bellesa, in an emotional and heartfelt interplay.

Tashkenti: Don Pep Claraboia (3.21)
CD: “Batega”
Autor: Tashkenti

From Ontinyent comes the heartbeat of this band that is a revelation in the mestizo scene in the Valencia region. In his first work, Batega, it’s clear that Tashkenti loves to take the pulse of music with no regard for borders, from Africa to the Balkans. Rhythms without complexes, open and catchy, to listen, to dance, but above all, to enjoy the moment.

Nosotras somos
Las Migas: La Guitarrina (4.21)
CD: “Nosotras somos”
Autor: Traditional / Las Migas

Four women—German, Sevillian, French and a Catalan flamenco singer—shout their multiculturalism and their passion for masters such as Serrat and Alberti to the four winds in their new album Nosotras somos. With the grandiose singing of Alba Carmona, Las Migas once more demonstrate their flamenco essence and an artistic personality that makes them unmistakable.

Bongo Botrako: Revoltosa (2.47)
CD: “Revoltosa”
Autor: Uri Giné

An authentic revolution on the Catalan mestizo music scene is what these musicians from Tarragona have achieved with their powerful and controversial album Revoltosa. Apart from their spontaneity and freshness, Bongo Botrako invites you to reflect on the most current social matters, founded on reggae, warm rhythms and contagious celebration.

Los nòstres vices e pecats
Els Berros de la Cort: Alfaomega (2.51)
CD: “Los nòstres vices e pecats”
Autor: Elda Daunis

Medieval music of the 21st century: this is what this unique band in Catalonia offer through an original combination of percussion, hurdy-gurdy, mandolins, gralles (Catalan wind instruments) and voices. Using medieval manuscripts on cooking and good sexual practices the latest from Els Berros de la Cort touches upon greed and lust, two of the deadly sins that have withstood the passage of time.

Cop de taula
Peret Reyes: Jo tinc la clau (4.03)
CD: “Cop de taula”
Autor: Pedro Reyes Juan

Palmero for the great Peret at the end of the sixties and co-founder of groups like Chipén and Papawa, this renowned rumba musician of Carrer de la Cera in Barcelona pays tribute to the essence of Catalan rumba with his latest album, sung completely in Catalan. Cop de taula delivers the genuine flavour of pure, roots rumba which only needs a few smacks on a table and a large dose of art.

Al borde de la ruta
Microguagua: Iman (3.37)
CD: “Al borde de la ruta”
Autor: Microguagua

Italy, Argentina, Portugal… These are a few of the native countries of the members of this band who since 2006 have made the streets of Barcelona their main stage and the epicentre of their creativity. They are a role model for the Barcelona underground scene, standing for the reggae culture and the stories of the neighbourhood where the band was born, the Raval.

Projecte pandero
Guillem Ballaz: Àger (1.55)
CD: “Projecte pandero”
Autor: Guillem Ballaz

Of the few remnants of the art of the square tambourine left on the planet, Catalonia is one where this instrument has managed to survive, alongside improvised singing and the female voice. The multi-instrumentalist Guillem Ballaz has been working for ten years on rescuing the square tambourine from oblivion. In the 16th century, it was passed around to collect money, but now it has made a comeback, accompanied by guitar and loops.

Aprendí a caminar
Torijano: Retorno a Alejandría (5.44)
CD: “Aprendí a caminar”
Autor: Carlos Torijano (music), Carmen Doorá (lyrics)

A teacher of flamenco at the Barcelona Taller de Músics, but above all a musician specialised in flamenco and Latin music, Carlos Torijano offers a maverick style which fuses flamenco, jazz, melodic elements of pop and Latin rhythms. This is a piece that is pure fusion in which the pianist is accompanied by the flamenco singing of Alba Carmona.

Si esto se acaba que siga el boogaloo
Los Fulanos: Kind of Guy (3.50)
CD: “Si esto se acaba que siga el boogaloo”
Autor: Manuel Dabove and Los Fulanos

If boogaloo was the prelude to salsa in the New York of the 70s, for this group from Barcelona it has become a statement of intent which they have used as the title of their latest album, Si esto se acaba que siga el boogaloo. Large doses of funk and soul in a musical offering as apocalyptic as it is contagious.

Words for Freedom
Roe Green and Txipiaité Band:Marxo a la gran ciutat (4.37)
CD: “Words for Freedom”
Autor: Roger Gisbert, Joan Vinyes

Devouring and taking their inspiration from rhythms as apparently distant as those of Jamaica, this band from Tarragona have swiftly succeeded in establishing themselves on the Catalan reggae scene. Their debut album, Words for Freedom, is packed with their own songs sung in a variety of languages which alternate between root, dancehall and ska.

Amb canya!
RIU: Castells (3.56)
CD: “Amb canya!”
Autor: Traditional (Toc de castells i gegants de Morella), arranged by RIU

MPPC -Música Popular dels Països Catalans (traditional music from the Catalan speaking regions) - are the initials which introduce the personal acoustic sampling from this new Catalan folk band. Guitar, bouzouki, accordion, violin, bagpipes, whistles, double bass and voices are the ingredients this sextet use to revisit our traditional folk music with a well-defined sound that is full of elegance.