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Compilation CD Electronic Music from Catalonia 2008
Compilation CD Electronic Music from Catalonia 2008

Compilation CD Electronic Music from Catalonia 2008

Catalonia has always been the cradle of vanguards and it has written its own history of electronic music, embracing all periods. To show this evolution, we have edited, this one is the second edition, the Catalan electronic music compilation.

A stimulating, yet of course incomplete, review of today's electronic music production in Catalonia, both plural and versatile as stimulating and brave.

Identity features are yet to be defined, there's no doubt of that, but what is clear is that “seny digital” is clearly present in Electronic Music from Catalonia 08. A compilation of 19 tracks selected by ICIC from Javier Blánquez's, specialized music journalist, proposal in collaboration with Enric Palau and Ricard Robles, co-directors of Sónar, and Luis Lles, music critic and director of the Festival Periferias.

Electronic Music from Catalonia CD forms part of a series of four CDs intended to internationally promote Catalan music. The rest of the CDs are: Jazz from Catalonia 2009, Pop Rock from Catalonia 2009 i World Music from Catalonia 2009.

To listen to the songs of Electronic Music from Catalonia 2008, click on the links below.

Balago: “Hergé” (4.11)
CD: “D'aquii”
Author: David Crespo

The desolate landscapes painted by many soundtracks are precisely what David Crespo wants to see on his musical horizon. The third album by Balago dives into this cinematic and profoundly sad atmosphere.

Be ach Kisses EP
Dosem: “Beach kisses” (4.22)
CD: “Be ach Kisses EP”
Author: Dosem

An instinct for finding the most emotive melodies and more than enough technique to surround them with powerful rhythms and profound lyrics, this is the formula for success used by Marc Dosem, the big star in waiting of Catalan techno.

Various Assets: Red Bull Music Academy Toronto 2007
bRUNA: “With your fingers” (1.31)
CD: “Various Assets: Red Bull Music Academy Toronto 2007”
Author: Carles Guajardo Jiménez

Brevity is the double virtue of the music of up-and-coming Carles Guajardo, alias bRUNA. Here he manages to transmit intense emotion in barely a minute of rarified atmosphere.

Pulshar: Nospheratu (4.20)
CD: “Brotherhood”
Author: Pablo Bolívar Gallo / Sergio Sainz Vidal

Pulshar is the collaboration between Pablo Bolívar and the toaster Aphro Sáinz, and together they are able to explore the area that lies between dub and techno. Nospheratu is a voyage into the shadows of Jamaican-influenced electronic.

EEDL: “Müsli” (4.20)
CD: “Everse”
Author: Joan Duat / Miguel A. Martínez

EEDL follows the melodic IDM style book – intricate rhythms and beautiful tunes – but without losing the distinctive personality which can be seen in their rich treatment of nuances.

Las mil y una noches
Vicknoise: “Las mil y una noches” (4.37)
CD: “Las mil y una noches”
Author: Victor Palomo Zuriguel

Tech-house with a progressive bent and an exotic melody that recalls the tales of the princess Scheherazade. Vicknoise, co-partner with Undo of the Barcelona label Factor City, knows how to make people dance on a magic carpet.

Warriors of steel
The Requesters: Warriors of steel (4.20)
CD: “Warriors of steel”
Author: Oriol Riverola / Alex Ferrer

D.A.R.Y.L. and Sidechains want to be the Daft Punk of Park Güell, or even the Justice of the Barcelona's neighbourhood of Vallcarca: filtered disco music, hard rock riffs, sinewy electro and a hard partying spirit is their recipe for success.

Nikka: “Materia” (4.49)
CD: “Isotopos”
Author: Nikka

Rough deconstruction, dissonant textures and broken rhythms are the distinguishing characteristics of Mónica Muñoz, half of Metronique. Mónica is also Nikka, now appearing solo on an experimental IDM project with feminine intuition.

Primitive Sense
Zwo!: “Longer lasting” (4.20)
CD: “Primitive Sense”
Author: Ivan Murias Navarro / Jose Antonio Ruiz Escudero

Ivan Murias and Tony Blunt have been trained in the melodic and upbeat tech-house of the Detroit school. It's in their blood. That's why their tracks, sunny galactic fantasias, emerge as euphoric as this one.

Música a màquina
Cabo San Roque: “L'enfonsament del Cabo San Roque” (4.22)
CD: “Música a màquina”
Author: Cabo San Roque

Using a washing machine, a sewing machine and a bicycle, Cabo San Roque make their toylike, mysterious and engaging music. Machine music in all its homemade charm, with pedals attached.

You travelled my heart inside you
Arbol: “You travelled my heart inside out” (4.10)
CD: “You travelled my heart inside you”
Author: Miguel Marin Pavon

Subtle atmospheres and impressionism on the piano and violin. Miguel Marín, as frontman of Arbol, offers a magical discourse that brings together his passions: small-scale electronica, slow-moving films and classical music.

Vancouver EP
Henry Saiz: “Vancouver (Marc Marzenit remix)” (4.19)
CD: “Vancouver EP”
Author: Henry Saiz

The wispiest melodies and most vaporous trance sensations on the Catalan scene united in a remix. Henry Saiz lays down the groundwork – a very delicate progressive development – and Marzenit adds the final touches so that it sparkles.

NLK005 Caviar nº 1
Umbral: “Secreficio” (4.20)
CD: “NLK005 Caviar nº 1”
Author: Sistema, Marc Piñol

This Umbral is not Francisco, but rather a new duo formed by Marc Piñol and Manel Ruiz. With dub, ambient and techno as the principal ingredients, they cook up mental and hypnotic journeys with an astounding level of detail.

Dimarts o dijous
Debilorithmicos feat. Cise Star & Akin: “I'm out” (2.56)
CD: “Dimarts o dijous”
Author: J. Guillot / J. Pedrosa

Hip hop without rape by a male voice or displays of ego. Debilorithmicos prefer to build their basic rhythms carefully, taking the best of funk and jazz, and the lyrics, although present, are not the main story. It's the journey that matters more.

Discontinurecords 01
Cauto & Amph: “(s)soupopera” (5.33)
CD: “Discontinurecords 01”
Author: Cauto & Amph

Cauto was the first Barcelona producer to make waves with the dubstep sound that came from London, and here reproduces in his own way the urban tension and oppressive bass that was patented by the maestros of Croydon. With plenty of style, too.

Drome: “Dubba” (5.29)
CD: “Lost&Found”
Author: Drome

Drome is influenced by English dubstep, although he seems to lean more towards the Bristol scene: strong Jamaican aftertaste, samples of exotic music from somewhere in the East and rock-hard bass. This track is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

A lost sea
Oriol Benedet: “A lost sea” (4.20)
CD: “A lost sea”
Author: Oriol Benedet

Frozen music that dreams of thawing out. Ambient music, that is, that wants to become techno and explode in a supernova of beats. A lost sea is the other side of Oriol Benedet, his restrained side on the margins of his dance tracks.

The Ant Droidz EP
Ant Droidz aka Black I.C.E. production: “Good work (shortened edit)” (4.20)
CD: “The Ant Droidz EP”
Author: Héctor Mártinez / Carles Agulló

Techno that escapes from the cosmic and electro which searches for the human. The people from the Omicron label have been working for years on a distinctive dance music formula and now they have developed to a point from which they can explode.

My own particular vision on techno EP
Roger M: “Proton” (5.06)
CD: “My own particular vision on techno EP”
Author: Roger Mercader

Trained in house music, but curious about techno, Roger Mercader wanted to give his own interpretation of a language which was foreign to him. This experiment works by disrupting expected conventions. This track is licensed under a Creative Commons License.