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Compilation CD World Music from Catalonia 2009
Compilation CD World Music from Catalonia 2009

Nowadays, Catalonia is an important meeting point for world cultures and its music reflect what is happening. First, we find the troubadour spirit which seems to have been maintained since the middle ages; and secondly, an irreverence and humour which can be found in many songs.

But perhaps the big secret to continuing to be creative and produce in these times of World Music is the knack of absorbing all of these influences whilst, at the same time, maintaining a strong local identity. And that, without any doubt, is something that can be found throughout this collection of songs selected by ICIC from Jordí Urpí's (music critic) proposal in collaboration with Jordi Bertran (FIPT from Vilanova i la Geltrú), Ramon Fontdevila (CPCPTC), José Miguel López (Discópolis, Radio 3, RNE), Lluís Puig (MMVV) and Benjamin Taubkin (Mercado Cultural de Salvador de Bahía).

Electronic Music from Catalonia CD forms part of a series of four CDs intended to internationally promote Catalan music. The rest of the CDs are: Jazz from Catalonia 2009, Pop Rock from Catalonia 2009 i Electronic Music from Catalonia 2008.

To listen to the songs of World Music from Catalonia 2009, click on the links below.

08001: “Ras el Ma" (3.59)
CD: “Vorágine”
Author: M. Soulimane / A. Bout / Y. Papaioannou / J. Urigoitia

Led by Julián Urigoitia from his studio located in the Raval neighbourhood of Barcelona, where he is joined by musicians from diverse regions who bring their own specialities to each musical piece.

Dúmbala Canalla: “Vals virgil" (4.27)
CD: “M’enfango”
Author: Amanda Wright / Mercè Galí

The enticing repertoire of this curious group is formed from free-spirited and creative music - Catalan, Jewish and Gypsy. Wherever they perform a concert, they give all they can and more.

Calima: “Sueña" (3.43)
CD: “Azul”
Author: Juan Luis Leprevost Artiach

Catalonia has always been a favoured country when it's come to developing new forms of music linked close to flamenco. And this large group, fronted by bassist Juanlu, is a fine example of what this environment can produce.

Grapat de ruda
Sol i Serena: “Salsa verda" (3.59)
CD: “Grapat de ruda”
Author: Tradicional / Sol i Serena

A young group that gives a fresh perspective on traditional Catalan music by virtue of their powerful and original arrangements. The graphics on their debut release are also outstanding.

El misteri d'en Miles Serra i les músiques mutants
Companyia Elèctrica Dharma: “Cadeau" (4.14)
CD: “El misteri d'en Miles Serra i les músiques mutants”
Author: Companyia Elèctrica Dharma

Tireless warriors for the musical cause who have brought their songs all round the world, Fortuny & Co., pioneers in the melding traditional sounds and the rock aesthetic, are still in the cannon's mouth.

Els amants de Lilith
Lídia Pujol: “El moliner" (4.02)
CD: “Els amants de Lilith”
Author: Popular Yiddish song (Traduïda al català per Maurici Ferrer)

This Barcelona singer has completed her most personal and powerful work with this journey through the dark side of the Catalan song book, and supported on her voyage by the impeccable musical work of the young guitarrist Dani Figueres.

D'Callaos: “Como dos gotas de agua" (3.51)
CD: “Depaso”
Author: Daniel del Toro / Albert Castan

A group with one of the greatest ranges among all of those appearing in recent months on the Catalan scene. Drawing more from rock than rumba, their particular approach to flamenco has already marked out a space for itself.

Secrets guardats
Eduard Iniesta: “El globus aerostàtic”(2.57)
CD: “Secrets guardats”
Author: Eduard Iniesta

The latest work of this multi-instrumental group, with its clean and polished sound, shows us the fluidity and breadth of their musical range, as their guitar, bouzouki and sax transport us about the coasts of the Mediterranean.

Creuant els mons
Dealan: “Za ramo" (3.48)
CD: “Creuant els mons”
Author: Dealan

Taking the traditional sounds in their essence, and by giving the melody a special place, this septet seeks out a unique personal harmony to translate a mix of Irish and Mediterranean tunes.

Adolfo Osta: “Cuncti simus" (2.03)
CD: “Maravía”
Author: Adriana Alcaide – Tradicional (Llibre Vermell de Montserrat)

Having spent years devoted to recovering the simple and effective acoustics of the traditional repertoire, this latter-day troubadour strips it all bare to reveal the fundamental quality of music: emotion.

Zulú 9.30: “Bandidos" (3.45)
CD: “Huellas”
Author: Zulú 9.30

Already something of a reality, this group has evolved a lot in defining its sound by maintaining its party pulse while opening new doors to personal intimacy and giving ever stronger stage performances.

Les millors cançons del mil·leni passat
Ai Ai Ai: “Maquinolandera" (5.08)
CD: “Les millors cançons del mil·leni passat”
Author: Margarita Rivera

Now at its height, Catalan rumba is heading at once in many directions. Now again performing artistically, having set the standard during the nineties, this band is one of the finest examples.

Suburbios del alma
Marcelo Mercadante: “Esa palabra" (4.10)
CD: “Suburbios del alma”
Author: Marcelo Mercadante / Pablo Marchetti

Sharing his time between Buenos Aires and Barcelona, this bandoneon-playing dreamer, who knows how to surround himself with choice collaborators, is making leaps and bounds with each new record he releases.

Terra secreta
Maria Del Mar Bonet: “Dos anònims" (4.08)
CD: “Terra secreta”
Author: Ovidi Montllor

A brilliant new recording episode from one of the most consistent careers in Catalan music. This time she is paying homage, in a markedly Mediterranean way, to several admired friends - in this case Ovidi Montllor.

Karate Beat
La Kinky Beat: “Quiero sentirme iluminada" (3.57)
CD: “Karate Beat”
Author: La Kinky Beat

This third release from Matahari and companions reaffirms the tight sound that has been extensively toured internationally, travelling throughout Europe and Latin America.

Terrer meu
Claudio Gabriel Sanna: “L'home de casa" (2.15)
CD: “Terrer meu”
Author: Claudio Gabriel Sanna

From Alghero on the Mediterranean island of Sardinia, this singer gifted with a special voice puts traces of his day-to-day life in his songs, of all that surrounds him, without insulating himself and free of formalities.

Vuelven como fieras
Patriarcas de la rumba: “Hermandad" (3.54)
CD: “Vuelven como fieras”
Author: Rafael Salazar (Tio Rafael) / A. “Sicus” Carbonell / Yumitus

The second chapter led by five experienced singers. For many years they have conserved the gypsy community arts and are now completing the circle that has allowed us to get to know various sides of Catalan rumba.

En directe
El pont d'Arcalís i les violines: “Pregària per fer ploure" (3.17)
CD: “En directe”
Author: Tradicional (Recull Artur Blasco)

The respective works produced over years using a Pyrenean repertoire made it inevitable that at one point or another these two groups would undertake a joint project like this recording.

KAULAKAU: “Maese" (4.10)
CD: “Benoiver”
Author: Marc Egea

Involved in a thousand-and-one projects, Jordi Molina (tenor- musical instrument similar to oboe), Marc Egea (hurdy gurdy), Franco Molinari (double bass) and Enric Canada (percussion) have somewhow found time to devote to this intriguing quartet.

Mètode de rocanrol
Pascal Comelade: “Noia de porcellana" (3.31)
CD: “Mètode de rocanrol”
Author: Pau Riba

If there's a Catalan artist worthy of describing as personal and untranslatable, it's Pascal Comelade. His instantly recognisable miniature sound can take any classic and make it his own.