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Compilation CD World Music from Catalonia 2006
Compilation CD World Music from Catalonia 2006

Barcelona is, currently, the European music capital. The Raval has vitalised the rest of the music done in Catalonia. Even some classical artists, pioneers in their day, have returned with new spirit bringing together, with their maturity, a renewed creativity.
The journalist and director of the program Dicópolis of Radio 3 José Miguel López, who has selected the tracks that appear in the CD, prefer to call it "Ethnic Rhythms" (Ethno-Beat). Because this concept implies progress, the development of an already existing language enriched by new proposals, as demonstrated by this record, encompassing a whole load of styles, ranging from Flamenco to mixed sounds while including the restless singer-songwriters or the most traditional folk. This is just a small assortment of artists and songs selected amongst the rich variety of proposals that can be heard nowadays in any part of Catalonia.

This CD is part of a series of three CDs intended to promote Catalan music internationally. The rest of the CDs are: Jazz from Catalonia 2006 and Pop Rock from Catalonia 2006.

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Miguel Poveda: “Jo, l'invertit de cos i ànima" (3.29)
CD: “Desglaç”
Autor: Sebastià Alzadora i Juan G."Chicuelo"

The best voice of contemporary flamenco. The most original one. In this record, he sings poems by different Catalan authors, in a co-production of Taller de Músics which has little from classical flamenco, except for the piece chosen, where the guitar stands out and so do the arrangements by Chicuelo.

Mi forma de vivir
Duquende: “Al son del viento - Alegrías" (5.06)
CD: “Mi forma de vivir”
Autor: Juan Gómez "Chicuelo" i Isidro Gómez

It has been heard that this gypsy from Sabadell is the new Camarón and not just because of the fair colour of his hair. Paco de Lucía, with whom he collaborates, referred to him as a "monster". In his sixth record, he does classical types, amongst which we have selected some alegrías accompanied on the trumpet by Raynald Colom.

Möondo: “Nieve y fuego" (4.54)
CD: “Trampa”
Autor: Dani Ibáñez

Avant-garde, multimedia group from Girona, that flirts with ethnic music. Its electronic compositions have been enriched with the percussions of Tactequeté and the beautiful voice of Silvia Pérez. This theme belongs to the group's third record.

Pantone 368
De Calaix: “Goits de Santa Quitèria" (3.25)
CD: “Pantone 368”
Autor: Tradicional - De Calaix

Three girls from Girona who sing, a capella, themes based on tradition, modified with guttural sounds and daily noises to which they add colour with their sarcastic humour. They produce their records with an impeccable ingenious. In the chosen piece they are accompanied by Eliseo Parra on percussions.

Dúmbala Canalla
Dúmbala Canalla: “Cinc minuts" (5.01)
CD: “Dúmbala Canalla”
Autor: Helena

Seven musicians in a circus or a tavern, perhaps in a major festivity of a village. The repertoire: a little bit of Balcan music, another of Klezmer, a pinch of Catalan tradition and all of it sprinkled with a drop of wine. Of course, full of swing. Their debut record is a produced self-edition.

Go Lem System: “Calle Go Lem" (3.16)
CD: “Cacería”
Autor: Manu Chao

They like to play with terms and words. They define their first record as "another bunch of non-existent phonotimes sentimentally created and digitally captured". In this journey, they are accompanied by Manu Chao, who has given them a whole street as a gift.

Conecta o revienta
Zulu 9:30: “Al son del caminante" (3.02)
CD: “Conecta o revienta”
Autor: Zulu 9:30

They vindicate the Rambla del Raval as the aesthetic core of their proposal. An example of a multicultural community where one can find a mix of practically any type of existing music: reggae, rumba, son, rap, salsa... together with a protest and frontier spirit. In this theme of his first record the solo trumpet of Alberto Pérez stands out.

Keympa: “Sol da mañá" (3.30)
CD: “Ningures”
Autor: Borja Peirón i Estaben Campo

Group of Celtic forms who have included Sandra's voice in a stable way in his third record. They compose themes mainly of Galician ancestry but combined with other Moorish and even Catalan sounds. Because of their gaiety, they have been invited to the celebrations of the Fútbol Club Barcelona in the Camp Nou.

30 anys. La Dharma l'arma!
Companyia Elèctrica Dharma: “Algemesí part 2" (6.41)
CD: “30 anys. La Dharma l'arma!”
Autor: J.J.LL.M. Fortuna, C. Vidal i P. Rius

They are veterans but very hip. They celebrated the thirtieth anniversary of the band by playing in the Palau de la Música Catalana together with the Cobla Mediterrània. They went over their classical themes but they stirred it up. This version of the second part of Algemesí is simply extraordinary.

Eduard Iniesta: “Bashie's bounce" (2.45)
CD: “Andròmines”
Autor: Eduard Iniesta / Popular

Performer who plays all type of metal-impulsed string instruments, no matter whether it is laúd, tzoura, buzuki, mandola, mandocello, Portuguese guitar or any other: Whatever he plays, he plays it well. In his third record he has invited the vocalist Sandra Ortega, but we have chosen an instrumental theme in order to admire his expertise.

Mariona Font I Toti Soler: “A voltes en el cor" (3.51)
CD: “D'Aram”
Autor: Joan Vergés i Toti Soler

Mariona met Toti whilst wandering in the streets of Torroella de Montgrí. She sang her songs to him and the desire came up to make a record together. Both of them alone. They chose poems from different authors and Mariona added music to them, but also revised two songs composed by Toti. One of them is this poem by Joan Vergés.

De profundis
Joan Isaac Amb Lluís Llach: “Cala la nit a San Remo" (4.04)
CD: “De profundis”
Autor: Joan Isaac

Classical singer-songwriter from la cançó. Follows with energy.... and in such a way! His most recent record has 12 new songs and two notable collaborations, one with Ana Belén and the other with the superb Lluís Llach. We have chosen this one for its lyricism and its references to the beautiful Italian town of San Remo.

Identitat aliena
Òscar Briz: “Amèfrica" (2.57)
CD: “Identitat aliena”
Autor: Òscar Briz

Veteran singer attached to peculiar landcapes. Born in l'Alcúdia, he followed the aesthetics of the "nueva ola" in the eighties with the excellent band Banderas de Mayo. As a singer-songwriter, he's more intimate. His third record, produced by Toni Xuclà, is an quiet delicacy.

Aigua, més aigua!
El Pont D'arcalís: “Si hi aneu" (3.25)
CD: “Aigua, més aigua!”
Autor: Tradicional

This is the oldest Folk group in Catalonia. It has spent thirty years collecting songs in the Pyrénées. They still perform on stage and edit records on a regular basis. In the chosen theme, Marc Egea works with them playing the flageolet in the introductory notes.

El llenguatge de les pedres
S'albaida: “Fandango menorquí" (3.43)
CD: “El llenguatge de les pedres”
Autor: Joan Carles Villalonga / Popular

A young group from Menorca, from Maó, that adapts traditional themes with new lyrics. They respect popular styles like the Minorcan fandango, the bolero or the jota and enrich them with their own ideas. It is one of the most authentic groups within the Folk scene. This theme belongs to their third record.

Flamenco Lounge & Chill 2
Raúl Orellana con Pilar Romero "La Tana": “Gipsy Rhythm" (4.45)
CD: “Flamenco Lounge & Chill 2”
Autor: R. Orellana, Jaime Martínez i Pep Lladó

The mix of flamenco with lounge sounds has resulted in very interesting examples. The proposal made by Raúl Orellana with the voice of La Tana is more energetic than usual. It was recorded in Sant Pol de Mar and has been extracted from the second volume of "Flamenco: Lounge & Chill".

Jaleo Real: “Libertad" (3.07)
CD: “Pichica”
Autor: Jaleo Real

The Catalan rumba has continuously evolved over the last forty years. Jaleo Real is presently at the forefront. It is a rumba mestiza, mixed with other styles but loyal to the feeling of the rumba. In the debut record by Jaleo Real the festive street ambiance and other protest themes are combined.

Los Mandamientos de Gallape
Remendaos: “Suavecito" (3.43)
CD: “Los Mandamientos de Gallape”
Autor: Remendaos

Emigrant sounds, a mixture of their own roots and other "appropriated" ones. Freshness and naturality without any cliché. They come from Girona, and this song belongs to their second record Los mandamientos de Gallape, with collaborations by Chico Ocaña from Los Mártires del Compás or Los Delinqüentes.

Two rivers, one world
Pep Lladó: “Tamarú" (4.51)
CD: “Two rivers, one world”
Autor: Pep Lladó

Flagship of the Maresme sound, Pep Lladó tries to offer a marine alternative, from Barcelona, to the Ibiza's Café del Mar. This means more blending, especially flamenco. Antonio Martinez "Ñoño" shows it with his guitar in the chosen theme.

Cosa Nostra
Patriarcas de la Rumba: “Garrotín de Lleida" (4.13)
CD: “Cosa Nostra”
Autor: Popular

They would be the Buena Vista Social Club of the rumba. Five gypsy grandfathers (tío Joanet, tío Paló, tío Tony, tío Pepe and tío Rafael) that follow the steps of those that triumphed in the sixties and seventies, with Peret as the main reference. In the chosen theme they are accompanied by the accordion of Joan Garriga from Dusminguet.