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Compilation CD Pop Rock from Catalonia 2005
Compilation CD Pop Rock from Catalonia 2005

One of the central themes of pop music is that is the synonym of popular, of music made on the street with emotions and yearnings. At least, this is the unifying concept for the eight or ten songs which make up this section.
Luis Hidalgo, who is music critic from the Spanish journal El País, introduces the chronicle written by these artists, which talks of a rich and varied country. It's a region in which a part of the many cultures, languages and traditions which have given it personality and sense are still alive in the hearts of its creators. Life is varied and diverse, and so Catalan pop.

The Pop Rock CD forms part of a series of three CDs intended to promote Catalan music internationally. The rest of the CDs are: Jazz from Catalonia 2005 and World Music from Catalonia 2005.

If you want to listen to the tracks selected on this CD, click on the links below.

El congrés dels solitaris
Jaume Sisa: “No cal parlar" (3.57)
CD: “El congrés dels solitaris”
Autor: Jaume Sisa

A master singer and one of the most widely acclaimed songwriters in Catalonia. Although tied to traditional formulas Sisa knows how to turn them around and create his own sound in an imaginary personal world.

Antònia Font: “Portaavions" (2.13)
CD: “Taxi”
Autor: Antònia Font

Anything can be expected from a group who took their name from their first fan. Exquisite pop with lyrics laden with evasive meaning and hidden irony. From Palma de Mallorca.

Cançons dels temps dels destrals
Xavier Baró: “Temps de destrals" (6.13)
CD: “Cançons dels temps dels destrals”
Autor: Xavier Baró

A troubadour from the province of Lleida. Interior folk from a land scorched in summer and frozen in winter. Immaculate musical poetry following the tradition of the masters of the style.

La terra és plana
Quimi Portet: “El meu hàmster va anar a Cuba" (2.57)
CD: “La terra és plana”
Autor: Quimi Portet

One of the most singular personalities in Catalan pop music. His sense of humour and irony border on the surreal, while his musical does little to respect conventional norms. The title of the song is a parody of a traditional Catalan folk song.

Sanjosex: “Puta" (4.12)
CD: “Viva”
Autor: Sanjosex

New vitality for the Catalan pop singer/songwriter. Live performances with inspiration and unexpected turns. Good songs are created any where.

Trucar a casa, recollir les fotos…
Mishima: “Un altre divendres" (3.27)
CD: “Trucar a casa, recollir les fotos…”
Autor: Mishima

Mishima is one of the most important references in Catalonia's independent pop scene. The group is proof that pop music is not just about insignificant, bland stories.

Somnis de llop
Guillamino: “Ull de llebre" (5.20)
CD: “Somnis de llop”
Autor: Guillamino

An artist who blends his music with the most varied of spices. Electronic music, traditional songs, folklore and hip-hop are just some of his ingredients. Music without frontiers which exceeds the boundaries of the imagination.

Els Pets: “Agost" (4.29)
CD: “Agost”
Autor: Els Pets

The classic Catalan pop group. Their last few albums have matured with a classic pop sound and observant lyrics from a proudly rural and strictly vocational perspective.

Maniobras de escapismo
Love Of Lesbian: “Houston tenemos un poema" (4.01)
CD: “Maniobras de escapismo”
Autor: Love Of Lesbian

The sound of Love Of Lesbian is an evocation of the eighties. For any other group this would be a handicap, but for Love Of Lesbian it is no more than a question of style, one which gives splendid melodic results.

Todo el mundo lo sabe
Sólo los Solo: “VPRRPV" (4.08)
CD: “Todo el mundo lo sabe”
Autor: Sólo los Solo

Important figures in the world of hip-hop in Catalonia and throughout Spain. From their own studio Sólo Los Solo have created their own sound; Latin accentuated and powerful. Pride and identity.

Orion's belt
Madee: “Following a ghost" (5.50)
CD: “Orion's belt”
Autor: Madee

A voice which pushes the limit with every line. Songs played for an epic without grandiloquent aspirations. A well-defined pop-rock which speaks for itself.

Standstill: “Poema nº 3" (4.09)
CD: “Standstill”
Autor: Standstill

One of the pioneering groups of Barcelona hardcore, and now in a phase of total mutation with a multi-faceted dense, emotional rock. Slickness made musical, rock without labels made pure passion.

Astrud: “Quedamos así" (2.31)
CD: “Performance”
Autor: Astrud

The kings of irony, and the masters of a highly appealing imagination, incapable of leaving indifferent anyone who listens to them. Lyrics with hidden intentions behind a layer of apparent normality; gifted, with some hilarious chorus lines.

Vamos que nos vamos
Muchachito Bombo Infierno: “Más que breve" (4.18)
CD: “Vamos que nos vamos”
Autor: Muchachito Bombo Infierno

Muchachito made their way playing in bars, silencing its public with songs from the streets. Muchachito is the voice of the streets, songs scratched open with rough vocals, a bass drum and a beaten up guitar. Muchachito is a bar, and open every night.

Entre raíces y antenas
Macaco: “El murmullo" (3.56)
CD: “Entre raíces y antenas”
Autor: Macaco

Dani Macaco is one of the most significant, and most valued figures in fusion, with a crossover of electronic and acoustic passages which blend together in a re-appraisal of traditional melodies with the essence of the new.

This living kills
The Unfinished Sympathy: “You've got a long runo" (2.40)
CD: “This living kills”
Autor: The Unfinished Sympathy

Rock and emocore are two of the terms used to describe the music of The Unfinished Sympathy, a band beyond definition. Only one word really defines what they do. Intensity

La Matrona
Refree: “Batís" (4.13)
CD: “La Matrona”
Autor: Refree

Raul Fernández is Refree, and Refree is the synonym of bedchamber pop, of intimacy caressed by jazz, with a finely detailed yet melodic subtlety. Music for reduced distances and eternal emotions.

Tremendo: “Se lo que buscas" (3.44)
CD: “Vidalogía”
Autor: Tremendo

Produced by Griffi (Sólo Los Solo) Tremendo stand out as one of the finest, and most mature voices in the Catalan hip-hop scene. Defined by lyrics well-distanced from juvenile swagger with a warm vocal style.