The web site accessibility is an indispensable requirement in the pages construction for heir correct reading and manipulation. It consists of facilitating the universal access to the pages, independently of the technical, physical or sensorial limitations of the persons who consult them and of the context in which they surf, that’s types of device, software, environmental conditions and speed of the connection, among others.

The World Wide Web - W3C Consortium, in order to eliminate the obstacles that hamper the access to the information and the communication, established some models or rules to portray accessible web pages without sacrificing the design, offering the necessary flexibility so that the information is accessible in different situations and providing methods that allow them to transform into useful and intelligible pages.

Catalan Arts renewed its web site with the aim to fulfil the regulations UNE 139803:2004, W3C, adaptation of the web site contents (text, images, graphics, videos) to the recommendations of accessibility and the rule ISO/IEC 9126 contents and structure reformulation of the web site following the criteria of usability.