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Compilation CD Electronic Music from Catalonia 2017
Compilation CD Electronic Music from Catalonia 2017

Tracks selected by Javier Blánquez (music journalist), in collaboration with ICEC.

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Resonare Fibris
Carles Viarnès: Resonare Fibris (3:14)
CD: “Resonare Fibris ”
Author: Carles Viarnès

The piano is an instrument that still keeps secrets, and among its keys hide mysterious textures that fire the imagination. That’s always the starting point for Carles Viarnès’ music: an aerial chord. On his second album, Schematismus, he has foregone the electronic backing used on his previous album Urban Tactus and stuck to the basics: a revisiting of Ambient from the impressionistic viewpoint.

Track 2
bRUNA: Track 2 (2:47)
CD: “Track 2”
Author: bRUNA

After ten years of thrills, Carles Guajardo has put an end, in 2017, to his musical adventure as bRUNA. His latest album, a split with Wooky, stands, then, as a testament to a sensitivity that is unique in Barcelona IDM, a discourse that is a departure from the floating Ambient of the early ‘90s sustained by unforgettable melodies and a continuous journey to the kingdom of dreams. It will be missed.

Sunny Graves: Thunder (4.27)
CD: “Thunder”
Author: Sunny Graves

Sunny Graves’ music is a sound translation of the name of the project: it contains a tension between darkness and light, between the disturbing and the serene, where abstract beats from the footwork and hip hop scene blend with strokes of atmospheric lightning, all laid over a sinister buzz, itself on top of riotous turbulence.

Sau Poler: Gone (6:32)
CD: “Gone ”
Author: Sau Poler

When he first started out, Sau Poler was strongly influenced by the sound of bells and emotional explosions of Four Tet. As he has matured, that influence has become less noticeable, but he still has a non-negotiable commitment to the beauty of texture and the flexibility of rhythm. On his latest EP, the pride of Badalona remains true to his commitment to sounds that take you to paradise.

beGun: Shama (3:48)
CD: “Shama ”
Author: beGun

Apparently, Gunsal Moreno’s music attempts to carry the listener far away: it contains African echoes and each piece is an invitation to escape. But his musical discourse also contains a strong commitment: his first album, Amma, is a denouncement of issues such as sexual exploitation, trampling of human rights and, in short, the taking of the freedom and dignity of immigrant women.

Delorean: Epic (5:27)
CD: “Epic”
Author: Delorean

Delorean reorder their priorities on their new album: from the dance pop of previous releases, they’re now focusing on the tonal flashes of synthesizers, heavenly voices and resounding rhythms of house, which they season with melodies that get under the skin. They have gained in rhythmic power without losing an ounce of emotion, which has become direct and fizzy with endorphins.

Scoom Legacy
Scoom Legacy: Hatesitate (4:15)
CD: “Scoom Legacy”
Author: Hatesitate

Having first recorded under the alias One D and the principles of progressive house, Josep Corominas commences his second adventure as Scoom Legacy, in which the maxim is the journey and its enjoyment. The priority is no longer to get people dancing, but to get the listener’s entire body moving, from the topmost neuron to the tip of his toes, and expanding like one great cosmic beat.

Wooky: Tropic (2:32)
CD: “Tropic ”
Author: Wooky

The ambient music of the ‘90s is a huge part of the aesthetic education of Albert Salinas, and in his lengthy career as Wooky he has never stopped embarking on psychedelic adventures in which the sound seems to organize itself into a fractal structure like the successive layers of a deep sleep. Archives, the album made with bRUNA, is like a huge catalogue of surprising hallucinations.

Frozen Heart
Museless: Frozen Heart (5:25)
CD: “Frozen Heart”
Author: Museless

Laura Llopart has classical training and a pop heart, and thanks to these two influences the foundations of her music are upheld by a solid harmonic base and a special taste for melody. Yet, at the same time, the music of Museless is distinguished by an incessant quest for evocative textures, embellishments that propose a form of intelligent escapism. Her songs carry us off into space and the future.

Undo: Disconnect (4:35)
CD: “Disconnect”
Author: Undo

Gabriel Berlanga is a producer whose soul is split in two: he loves ‘90s indie pop and is crazy about the more solid and evocative rhythms of the German techno of the noughties. His music is therefore a totally successful attempt to fit emotion into an architecture which is perfect for the dance floor, or as they say in clubbing slang, to get them dancing with tears in their eyes.

Invisible Objects
Pedro Vian: Invisible Objects (5:11)
CD: “Invisible Objects ”
Author: Pedro Vian

Pedro Vian makes music to conquer galaxies and excite minds. There is unshakeable faith in his sound creed: cosmic Detroit techno, the most adventurous and romantic, on which he has built a language that sounds both classic and contemporary, in the framework of his label Modern Obscure Music. His first album meets its objective: a sound that takes you far away and gets under your skin.

These Times
Airaboi: These Times (6:28)
CD: “These Times”
Author: Airaboi

Aitor Rabell is one of the most promising artists to debut on the electronic scene in 2016. With his own label, Banned in Vegas, and under the alias Airaboi, this Mediterranean disciple of the magic of Four Tet has begun to weave house fantasies wrapped in a delicate atmosphere, sustained by lines of solid base that hark back to the sounds of English garage music and that make you feel like you’re dancing on a cloud.

Complex Entropy
30drop: Complex Entropy (5:15)
CD: “Complex Entropy”
Author: 30drop

There are times when you can’t tell whether 30drop is making music or dictating a master class on the origin of the universe; his work is like going back to the beginning of the Big Bang, like watching the birth of a star, and is made up of both harmonic density and complex equations. His latest EP, the preface to his 2017 album, has all the ingredients of the best techno in the Jeff Mills tradition: pulse, tension and mystery.

Bea(u)ty Queen
Oriol Rosell vs. D.Forma: Bea(u)ty Queen (3:49)
CD: “Bea(u)ty Queen ”
Author: Oriol Rosell vs. D.Forma

A disturbing meeting place between violence and literature, along the lines of Whitehouse and other industrial music legends. Oriol Rosell, journalist, writer and experimental artist, and Mario G. Ferrer, a major promoter of the Barcelona noise scene, come together on a unique project that aims to create a sensation of danger, discomfort and rejection. Electronic punk to listen to with the gut.