The 2021 Mostra Igualada, promoting creative vision with the launch of a participatory campaign
The 2021 Mostra Igualada, promoting creative vision with the launch of a participatory campaign

  • Posing the question, ‘Do you look or do you see?’ the children's and youth theatre festival invites us to take a look at the things around us from a different perspective

The Mostra Igualada youth theatre festival, identified by the Catalan Ministry of Culture as one of its strategic markets, is on a mission to stimulate the senses of audience members, both young and old, in a campaign that extends beyond the realms of the performing arts and even the event itself. The 32nd edition of the festival will now take place from 26 to 30 May 2021, slightly later than originally planned to ensure the incorporation of all the appropriate security measures and maximum possible attendance for the shows. The new dates will allow the event to run with a greater degree of normality than would have been possible in April.

As part of this year’s Mostra Igualada a participatory graphic campaign was launched on 3 March which seeks to encourage the development of creative vision. Everyday sights and objects, such façade of a house, a door or a broom can, all of a sudden, be brought to life as characters that observe us in silence. Under the slogan, ‘Do you look or do you see?’ the 2021 festival challenges everyone to search them out, look at things in a new light and share their discoveries on social media.

This optical illusion of ‘seeing faces in everyday objects’ is a psychological phenomenon known as pareidolia (derived from the Greek words, ‘para’ and ‘eidolon’ meaning ‘with face’) and is a sign of heightened sensory perception. It is often related to observing animals in cloud formations, figures in mountain ranges and faces in the marks on the walls, on vehicles and appliances. The possibilities are endless and, for the festival, it represents an excellent opportunity to illustrate how the performing arts, art, and culture in general, is able to heighten perception by sparking our imaginations. "Pareidolia is a stimulating game that makes you look at things in a different way. Rather than just glancing at something, it prompts you to take a closer look. It expands your mind and amazes you. Like a play that takes you away from real life and transports you to a fictional universe that moves and excites you, enabling you to go further. It's everywhere, even though we’re not always aware of it," reflects the campaign’s creator, Igualada-based artist and graphic designer, Ramon Enrich, who also designed the updated festival logo (for its 30th anniversary celebrations) and the promotional campaigns for the past two years.

The 2021 Festival poster will be supported by a series of promotional actions, including challenging people to send in the fun examples of pareidolia they have managed to spot and actively participate in the mission to promote creative vision. The images will be shared on social media using the #miresoveus hashtag and the most original entry will be included in the festival advert.

Gearing up for Mostra Igualada 2021

Mostra Igualada is currently working on various different formats to enable the event to go ahead whatever the COVID-19 pandemic situation at the time; this year’s event has attracted almost 600 applications. Registration for professionals will open in early April.

Mostra Igualada – Children’s and youth Theatre Festival

Mostra Igualada is Catalonia’s leading performing arts festival for all audiences. A major showcase of the best productions for young audiences, which attracts thousands of spectators to Anoia’s capital and which aims to nurture family programmes around the country and promote the internationalization of the participating companies. Organised by Igualada City Council and the Ministry of Culture through the Government of Catalonia’s ICEC, the 32nd Mostra Igualada will be held from 26 to 30 May 2021.


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