Primavera Pro 2021 and Catalan Arts open a window on the Catalan music scene with a selection of online performances
Primavera Pro 2021 and Catalan Arts open a window on the Catalan music scene with a selection of online performances

Ariana Abecasis, Böira, Neus Borrell i Bru Ferri, Joina, Rombo, TWIN i Yudi Saint X

From June 2nd to 4th, you can enjoy live concerts by Ariana Abecasis, Joina, Rombo, TWIN, Yudi Saint X and many more proposals at the Catalan Arts x Primavera Pro 2021 cycle You do not have to buy tickets, this is an invitation. For now, we can’t travel, nor can we have the international bands of each year visit us in person, but we need live music to continue. At Catalan Arts, the internationalization brand of the Institut Català de les Empreses Culturals (ICEC), and Primavera Pro we have selected our favourite, local musical proposals. You can see them live for free at the Pati de les Dones del CCCB. We only ask you to reserve a place. We will tell you where and how our social networks, watch this space! On Wednesday June 2nd, as usual, our experts Marta Salicrú and Ben Cardew will inaugurate the cycle of the Catalan Arts showcases with a special live stream from Radio Primavera Sound revealing the ‘musts’ of each of the projects. Afterwards, and from the CCCB's open-air stage, you will be able to see the concerts by the futuristic diva Ariana Abecasis, listen to the telluric post-rock of Böira and the rapping on classical piano instrumentals by Joina. Thursday June 3rd feels like the weekend already, and smells like a party. The dream-pop-dub-dance of the unclassifiable Yudi Saint X and her vast production of hits; Rombo's indie-pop hug and punch and TWIN's very elegant electronic debut, to get us moving sensually on the dance floor or rather in the square meter around our seat. Friday June 4th, the closing day, comes with the intimate and raw proposal by Neus Borrell i Bru Ferri, poetry in two voices on the piano in a live show that promises to give us all goosebumps. Furthermore, the showcases can be followed via streaming on the Primavera Pro platform and for free. They will then be stored in the online directory available for all accredited attendees, who will be able to watch them again on demand. Professional delegates can also discover musical proposals from many other countries through the online line-up of stream concerts.


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