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Compilation CD Electronic Music from Catalonia 2009
Compilation CD Electronic Music from Catalonia 2009

The future of electronic music is in Catalonia, not only because of the events and clubs, whose programmes are magnificent, but also and above all due to the quality of its musical production.
As an example, the tracks in this new compilation come as a surprise while reflecting the great diversity of Catalan electronic music. A compilation of 17 tracks selected by ICIC from Javier Blánquez’s, specialized music journalist, proposal in collaboration with Ricard Robles, co-director of Sónar, Luis Lles, music critic and director of the Festival Periferias, Carlos Tomé Sousa, journalist at the Económico group in Portugal, and scannerFM.

To listen to the songs of Electronic Music from Catalonia 2009, click on the links below.


I feel apocalyptic today
Monoceros: “Moment of light” (4.59)
CD: “I feel apocalyptic today”
Author: Joan Malé / Monoceros

Joan Malé, like the well-renowned Catalan writer Josep Pla, describes the sunset and serenity of the Empordà, that hazy, lazy summer feeling with his very own elementary language – here, acoustic touches washed through by digital waves.

Logical Disorder: “L’estació metereològica” (4.59)
CD: “VV.AA. PEN001”
Author: Javier Barrero

Brought up in the netlabel scene, far removed from the commercial circuit, Javier Barrero feels comfortable playing a kind of music which is modest in essence though ambitious formally – industrial IDM with elusive melodies.

Un mapa del alma
Lucius works here: “Memory stick” (3.28)
CD: “Un mapa del alma”
Author: Shakira Benavides

Lucius Works Here is the musical therapy DJ Shakira Benavides has undergone to open a new phase in her life. Now everything comes with more of a shine in this electronic sound with twisting rhythms and the odd sign of a hankering for abstract hip-hop.

Les minves de gener
Guillamino: “Kyawktada” (3.09)
CD: “Les minves de gener”
Author: Pau Guillamet i Garcia

Pau Guillamet describes his rhythms as “handmade”, contrasting them with those cooked up in front of a computer screen. With a pop and folk background, his new electronic route offers loads of craft, and an oblique glance at black music.

Strange2: “Jemmapes” (5.01)
CD: “Ciclos”
Author: Strange2

David Jornet goes after spaciousness and lightness in what comes across as passion and a sense of epic more than peacefulness: dramatic piano sounds, evolution on a cosmic scale, and fractured rhythms in the best traditions of IDM all give life to his language.

Paradigma Musik. From the Deep
Suite on clouds: “The grand piano” (3.01)
CD: “Paradigma Musik. From the Deep”
Author: Suite on clouds

Piano and string with a sprinkling of electronic on top like parsley on the best dishes - a last distinguishing, ennobling touch; that’s how Marc Marzenit tosses together the ingredients in his alter ego Suite on Clouds, a great excuse to bring together his mastery of computing and solfa.

The Requesters
The Requesters: “Pianobytes” (4.26)
CD: “The Requesters”
Author: Oriol Riverola, Alex Ferrer

The Requesters are an honest call for playful, vibrant dance music. Sourcing out ideas, melodies and constructions in piano house, disco and synthetic funk, their one aim is to be the kind or music your party needs to run on.

Undo & Vicknoise: “Slide” (5.06)
CD: “EP”
Author: Gabriel Berlanga, Víctor Palomo

The progenitors of the label Factor City use an unchanging style guide – techno and house combine in a hybrid of polished synthetics which nevertheless pack a powerful emotional punch in melody, in arrangement, always preferring delicate dance to more obvious choices.

My old school 12’’
John Talabot: “Korlee” (3.50)
CD: “My old school 12’’”
Author: John Talabot

If you want to unravel the identity of this mysterious producer, you have to go back to the records office of John Talabot’s school in Barcelona where he probably studied. Take it for granted he was top of the class in deep house and space disco.

Pauk: “La guerra de papá” (4.18)
CD: “Insekt”
Author: Pauk (Pau Cabruja Gutiérrez)

Pauk is already considered the Catalan µ-Ziq because of his mastery of a combination of convoluted breaks and exciting melodies bordering on the vertiginous. He pulls off nothing short of the most highly complex aesthetic digital wonders.

And it matters to me to see you smiling
bRUNA: “Don’t give up” (2.42)
CD: “And it matters to me to see you smiling”
Author: bRUNA

bRUNA stands out in that peculiar branch of experimental electronic which aims to sublimate childhood and adolescent memories, preferring the poetic of personal experiences to technical perfection. Two minute long vignettes pregnant with a high emotional value.

Silent Drop
Dosem: “Silent drop” (4.59)
CD: “Silent Drop”
Author: Dosem

Raw talent if ever there was such a thing: Marc Dosem discovers melodies which never fade away, appealing to a finely tuned instinct. He also knows how to insert them into techno formats with enough sting in the tail to make you want to dance, something which has catapulted him to the very highest international league. Our best export.

Ferenc: “Zambomba” (4.58)
CD: “Zambomba”
Author: Fra Soler, Màxim Ruiz

Fra Soler – Nitsa club DJ – and Aután together make up Ferenc, a duo which conceives techno as an explosive, dark force. From the German Kompakt label they doff their caps to that classic sound, right in the centre of that space between hardcore and minimalism.

Hivern a l’estiu
Mousedown: “Slowball” (5.06)
CD: “Hivern a l’estiu”
Author: Salvador Coromina Massó

Mousedown is the project in which Salva Coromina tries to polish house, the other side of Mouseup, the alias he uses to execute those no-holds-barred sounds. Slowball is a clever collection of references to deep house, minimal trance classic Detroit techno.

Paradigma Musik. From the deep
Imtech: “Automnal whispers” (5.27)
CD: “Paradigma Musik. From the deep”
Author: Imtech

Imtech’s keys are melancholy and simplicity: Quim Sabaté wants emotions running down the spine from top to bottom, something more than achieved in the sweet and fragile sounds which make up these tender electronic numbers.

Phonograph EP
Dactilar: “Ethernal” (5.23)
CD: “Phonograph EP”
Author: Fernando Pellón Pascua

Hypnotic techno pulsating with the heartbeat of the dub – a formula which the atmospheric faction of dance music has been perfecting over fifteen years and for which Dactilar is the latest exponent. Sound in suspension, a proven high.

Quite a balance between darkness and light
Metroxylon: “Bamboo” (4.51)
CD: “Quite a balance between darkness and light”
Author: Metroxylon

Roger Mercader left Barcelona to submerge himself in the Berlin scene, making the cross between techno and dub his very own, and giving shape to one of the most classy schools of electronic club with its personal eastern tang.