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Compilation CD Jazz from Catalonia 2012
Compilation CD Jazz from Catalonia 2012

New edition of the compilation Jazz from Catalonia. 15 tracks with the most representative jazz artists in Catalonia selected by Martí Farré (music journalist) in collaboration with Susanna Carmona (coordinator of Jazz Terrassa), Ferran Esteve (translator and music critic) Josep Mestres (Barcelonajazzradio), Pere Pons (director of Jaç magazine) and Roger Roca (music journalist).

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Camins dispars (Omix)
David Pastor and Pere Foved: El del Llasn (4.35)
CD: “Camins dispars (Omix)”
Author: David Pastor

David Pastor and Pere Foved construct a particular universe of tracks in which there is no lack of swing, groove, Latin, melody, detail, solo work and, even, although this is not directly present, harmony. They do this with a trumpet and a drum kit, nothing else.

The Shout (Swit Records)
Bernat Font Trio: Ulls ametlla (4.25)
CD: “The Shout (Swit Records)”
Author: Bernat Font

Compared with Fats Waller, Count Basie and Art Tatum, the young pianist Bernat Font is one of the great exponents of classic jazz and blues in Catalonia. A purified technique and a seductive discourse – the fruits of a surprising maturity- come together in this brilliant debut.

Our Man Benny (Temps Record)
Phil Woods and Barcelona Jazz Orchestra: Rompin’ At the Reno (3.35)
CD: “Our Man Benny (Temps Record)”
Author: Benny Carter

This is without doubt the great orchestra, the one made up of an authentic dream team of Catalan jazz with great musicians from several generations, which has accompanied stars such as Nicholas Payton or Phil Woods, as in this case, in a sublime homage to Benny Carter.

Swing Appeal (Swit Records)
Susana Sheiman and Ignasi Terraza Trio: P.S. I Love You (4.18)
CD: “Swing Appeal (Swit Records)”
Author: J. Mercer and G. Jenkins

Formed in the world of soul, r’n’b and, naturally, jazz, the singer Susana Sheiman offers a record at the level of the best vocal jazz performed in the Old Continent. A black voice with the complicity of a true master of piano jazz: the distinguished Ignasi Terraza.

Nonitz (Quadrant)
Marcel·lí Bayer: LT (5.00)
CD: “Nonitz (Quadrant)”
Author: Lee Konitz

Few musicians have made their debut with a graduation work. Marcel·lí Bayer is one of them, with his tribute to Lee Konitz, in which the person being honoured takes part. Bayer and his team cover the work of the legend of the cool with evocation, detail and good taste.

Three Generations (Quadrant)
Gonzalo del Val Trio: Espíritu F.H. (3.37)
CD: “Three Generations (Quadrant)”
Author: Gonzalo del Val

Three musicians from different generations, headed by the drummer Del Val, make up a high-level trio inspired by the standards of the best tradition of the contemporary piano trio, by the art of figures such as Danilo Pérez or, as in this track, by the magical Fred Hersch.

We Sing Wayne Shorter (Discmedi)
Joan Diaz: Diana (3.28)
CD: “We Sing Wayne Shorter (Discmedi)”
Author: Wayne Shorter

With We Sing Bill Evans (FSNT, 2008) Joan Díaz already wrote a golden page. The renowned pianist, composer and arranger returns now in order to pay homage to the most ethereal of jazz totems, with the complicity of some true young promises of Catalan jazz.

L’istiu al cor (Raspall Music)
Elisabet Raspall: Mirall d’estiu / Summer Mirror (4.17)
CD: “L’istiu al cor (Raspall Music)”
Author: Elisabet Raspall

All of the most suggestive of colours are found in this work of a scenic character, performed by a pianist with a long career behind her. Sensorial music, delicately built, which avoids any kind of stereotype.

Jo’s Delight (Anacrusi)
Jo Krause Quartet: Tones for Jones Bones (5.30)
CD: “Jo’s Delight (Anacrusi)”
Author: Chick Corea

In the company of a luxury group, the drummer Jo Krause presents his first record after accompanying figures of all kinds for more than 20 years. Excellence, elegance and swing in an extraordinary record debut.

Maitia (Quadrant)
David Mengual: El perro dejó de andar como una rata (5.05)
CD: “Maitia (Quadrant)”
Author: David Mengual

Maitia —“esteem”, in the Basque language— is the title of this exploratory project by the prolific double bass player David Mengual. Flanked by two trios of great category, Mengual invites us to immerse ourselves in a progressive, beautiful and disturbing adventure.

Live At Robadors 23 (autoeditat)
Jaume Llombart Sextet: Bajada (5.20)
CD: “Live At Robadors 23 (autoeditat)”
Author: Jaume Llombart

Robadors 23, one of the emblematic clubs of the Barcelona underground, is the location chosen by guitarist Llombart to record this small work of jazz goldsmithing. Tracks are conceived based on sequences that move like rivers of ink on paper.

Platos combinados (Whatabout Music)
Piccola Orchestra Gagarin: Corsicanskaya (5.02)
CD: “Platos combinados (Whatabout Music)”
Author: Traditional (arranged by POG)

“You are explorers in a new world”, one neighbour shouted out to Paolo Angeli, one of the members of this avant-garde trio —of instantaneous music— with touches of folk. They offer us an astral, dreamlike journey in the dark, like that of the astronaut Gagarin 50 years ago.

Intervención mecánica (Discordian Records)
Sin Anestesia: Metadoloris Ultra (4.21)
CD: “Intervención mecánica (Discordian Records)”
Author: El Pricto

Ten of the best saxophonists of the Barcelona avant-garde make up this experiment which arose from an initiative by the journalist Jack Torrance. These are ten voices that intertwine in a torrential dialogue which is unusual in this place.

Introducing (Fresh Sound New Talent)
Josep Tutusaus Champagne Sparkle: No va Internet (4.43)
CD: “Introducing (Fresh Sound New Talent)”
Author: Josep Tutusaus

Half-way between groove and jazz, with aromas from the 1960s, among other references, this group, which has no harmonic instrumentation and is headed by a renowned trombonist from the catacombs of Barcelona jazz, Josep Tutusaus —“Tutu” as his friends call him—, moves masterfully.

Live At Home (Fresh Sound World Jazz)
Marc Ayza: Untitled (3.10)
CD: “Live At Home (Fresh Sound World Jazz)”
Author: Marc Ayza

Groove, jazz and hip hop go hand-in-hand in a proposal that mixes without any problems the rhythm of the most shaking jazz of the 1960s with the impedance of the turntablism of the 2000s, which brings together J Dillah with New Thing, the blackness of New York with the most cosmopolitan Barcelona.