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Compilation CD Jazz from Catalonia 2013
Compilation CD Jazz from Catalonia 2013

Jazz from Catalonia 2013: 15 tracks selected by Pierre Bechet (music programmer) in collaboration with Susanna Carmona (coordinator of Jazz Terrassa), Martí Farré (music journalist), Josep Mestres (Barcelonajazzradio), Pere Pons (director of Jamboree jazz club) and Roger Roca (music journalist).

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Deptford Suite
Joan Vidal Sextet: Opening (4.16)
CD: “Deptford Suite”
Author: Joan Vidal i Llobet

The young composer and drummer Joan Vidal fronts this sextet made up of some of the most outstanding talents of the Catalan jazz scene. The album Deptford Suite is inspired by the literary trilogy of the Canadian Robertson Davies and his unique world, resulting in a suite of seven movements, including the group’s own signature jazz, free jazz and contemporary music.

Perico Sambeat: No te aguanto más (4.29)
CD: “Elàstic”
Author: Perico Sambeat

The versatile and inexhaustible Valencia saxophonist Perico Sambeat presents his latest album, Elàstic, accompanied by a high-caliber international quartet. This work is a way of understanding jazz, basically modern and with plenty of groove. Expressive and personal solo performances comprise a fluid instrumental dialogue, energetic and striking. Contemporary, avant-garde and dynamic. Pure musical creativity.

Mode Joe Vol.2
Nelson Project: Black Narcissus (5.36)
CD: “Mode Joe Vol.2”
Author: Joe Henderson

Nelson Project is an octet from Barcelona created in 2008, whose name pays tribute to the marvelous composer Oliver Nelson. Through the group’s unique vision, Mode Joe vol.2 recreates seven of the standards of the mythical saxophonist Joe Henderson. In this, their second album, Nelson Project radiates exuberant energy and boundless swing, wagering on hard bop with contemporary influences.

Giulia Valle Group: Berenice (4.38)
CD: “Live”
Author: Giulia Valle

The dream team formed by Giulia Valle in 2003 is one of the most charismatic groups on the Catalan scene. The album recorded live at the Jamboree jazz club reaffirms the qualities of the double bass player as a composer and instrumentalist, while at the same time capturing the larger-than-life performance of a band formed by five musicians with enormous personality and unique voices, who sound like a true ensemble.

O que serà
Albert Sanz Trio: O que serà (5.30)*
CD: “O que serà”
Author: Chico Buarque

With O que será, the young pianist Albert Sanz takes a step forward with an ambitious album accompanied by two top figures from the world scene, drummer Al Foster and double bass player Javier Colina. For the most part, the album revisits the work of two of the most outstanding Brazilian composers, Ivan Lins and Chico Buarque, and finishes with an intense version of Duke Ellington’s Sophisticated Lady.
* This track has been edited for this compilation

Sergi Sirvent – Octopussy Cats: On Time (5.23)
CD: “Inferències”
Author: Sergi Sirvent

Sergi Sirvent, the brilliant and multifaceted pianist of the new Catalan jazz scene, presents his latest work, Inferències. Octopussy Cats, the regal formation made up of multi-instrumentalists, have released a work with notably contemporary influences and references to Bartók or Mompou. In Sergi Sirvent’s own words: “This octet is a sort of monster where the music coming out of me flows through its veins”.

Agustí Fernández and Ramón López: Sa ximbomba (5.30)*
CD: “Azul”
Author: Traditional, arranged by Agustí Fernández

Following various projects with musicians like Evan Parker and Barry Guy, the avant-garde Majorcan pianist Agustí Fernández releases his latest album, Azul, in which he is re-joined by Ramón López, the drummer and percussionist from Alicante based in Paris. The duo has gifted us with a recording that is a mixture of unreleased compositions by both of them, together with a very personal version of Bill Evans’ We Will Meet Again.
* By courtesy of Universal Music Spain S.L.

David Soler Denga: Botànica #4 (3.29)
CD: “Botánicas”
Author: David Soler

Guitarist, master of the pedal steel, composer and producer, David Soler is without doubt one of Barcelona’s most restless and versatile musicians. His latest work, Botánicas, produced by Lee Townsend (Bill Frisell, John Scotfield, and others), transports us through a magical world, a fusion of rock, jazz, electronic and contemporary music.

Els Encants
Albert Cirera and Tres Tambors: Paco el Bala (4.31)
CD: “Els Encants”
Author: Albert Cirera

Els Encants is the first album fronted by Albert Cirera, a musician from Igualada. The saxophonist, accompanied by three of the most talented young Catalan musicians, is inspired by the music of the Charles Lloyd Quartet of the late 60s and the avant-garde of the early 70s. Paco el Bala is a piece dedicated to an old workmate, who packed croquettes faster than a bullet.

Pianisme il·lustrat
Ismael Dueñas: Núvols (4.01)
CD: “Pianisme il·lustrat”
Author: Ismael Dueñas

Non-conformist and eclectic Badalona pianist Ismael Dueñas, one of the outstanding figures of new Catalan jazz, presents his latest solo piano work. Pianisme il·lustrat is an album inspired by the world of dance, mime and impressionism. Visual, personal, minimalist and innovative jazz, somewhere between classical and pop with a touch of electronic music.

MUT Trio: Monj (3.50)
CD: “2395”
Author: Albert Juan Monjo

The MUT trio was created in 2009 out of random and sporadic sessions between saxophonist Miguel Fernández, drummer Oriol Roca and guitarist Albert Juan. Their second album, 2395, a universe of improvised, fresh, brave and poetic music, contains cutting-edge jazz which uses literary resources as a source of inspiration.

Eva Novoa Trio
Eva Novoa Trio: Silba (2.47)
CD: “Eva Novoa Trio”
Author: Eva Novoa

With this release, Eva Novoa, the Catalan pianist based in the Netherlands, offers up a highly diversified album. Accompanied by double bass player Masa Kamaguchi and drummer Marc Lohr, the artist uses her compositions as an expression of an exuberant and rich creativity that combines tradition with the avant-garde.

Miscelánea núm.2
Selinik / Mezquida: Out There (4.16)
CD: “Miscelánea núm.2”
Author: E. Dolphy / C. Mingus

Pianist Marco Mezquida and flautist Pablo Selnik, preeminent representatives of the new Barcelona scene, make for an explosive and surprising duo. Their first album, Miscelánea núm. 2, with an intimate and introspective jazz replete with colors and details, includes six of their own compositions, as well as Sonny Stitt’s Eternal Triangle and a mysterious version of Out There by Eric Dolphy and Charles Mingus.

A Marte otra vez
Gorka Benítez and David Xirgu: Alejandro Pérez (3.36)
CD: “A Marte otra vez”
Author: Gorka Benítez

The dynamic and profuse Basque saxophonist Gorka Benitez and the solid Catalan drummer David Xirgu present their first work as a duo, A Marte otra vez. These two alchemists of sound take us on an astral voyage that seeks beauty in the raw. This daring project, with just two instruments, is an exercise in jazz lyricism and music that knows no limits.

Ignasi Terraza: Round Midnight (4.57)
CD: “Sol-IT”
Author: T. Monk

The pianist Ignasi Terraza has become a benchmark of Spanish and European jazz, playing with artists of the likes of Alvin Queen, Stacey Kent or Lou Donaldson. Sol-IT, a double CD recorded live, consists mostly of a selection of jazz standards, along with the artist’s own compositions. His unique and subtle interpretation makes this album a delight from start to finish.