Compilation CD World Music from Catalonia 2016
Compilation CD World Music from Catalonia 2016

World Music from Catalonia 2016: tracks selected by Consol Saenz (music journalist) in collaboration with Miguel Amorós (Globalbeats Dj and music journalist), MariaJo López Vilalta (journalist and music activist),Marc Isern (music journalist)Jordi Urpí (music chronicler), Francesc Viladiu (music programmer) and ICEC.

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No som d’aquí
La Pegatina: No som d’aquí (2:21)
CD: “No som d’aquí ”
Autor: La Pegatina

La Pegatina has capitalised on Catalonia’s recent fusion music boom, an evolution of Barcelona’s mestizo music, to draw in and retain followers that remain faithful wherever they go. Reggae, rumba and ska are thrown into the melting pot by a band with a professional and electrifying live set. No flies on them, these musicians are experts in peddling their wares as shown with their latest release, Revulsiu.

Vull brindar
Aspencat: Vull brindar (3:33)
CD: “Vull brindar ”
Autor: Aspencat

Valencia is on fire, producing some of the biggest ‘social commentary’ bands to have come out of the country in recent years. And Aspencat are a fine example of just that. Their Jamaican dancehall, dubstep reggae sounds set the scene for their social commentary and criticism of the current socio-political situation. Tot és ara, the band’s fourth album, once again showcases the talent of a band that wins new fans every time they perform.

Cara a cara
Microguagua: Cara a cara (3:52)
CD: “Cara a cara”
Autor: Microguagua

Anyone who has been to Barcelona will have seen Microguagua at some point, busking in the streets, their natural habitat. And they have translated that grounding into a live set that is always on the money. Microguagua is a collection of seven musicians from diverse origins who combine rock, punk and Jamaican rhythms. After ten years together, they have released three albums (Grandhotel Cosmopolis is the latest) and travelled thousands of kilometres, taking their rhythms on the road.

Ja està bé
Rumbamazigha: Ja està bé (4:02)
CD: “Ja està bé”
Autor: Rumbamazigha

Catalan rumba, Amazigh rhythms and Greek songs, a trip through the Mediterranean: that is how Rumbamazigha roll. Five years after their debut, the band are back with Miratge (Mirage), an invitation to dance, party and live life to the full, featuring collaborations from La Troba Kung Fú’s Joan Garriga, La Pegatina’s Adrià Salas and rumba musicians Peret Reyes and Candeli.

Bajo la luna
Marinah & Chicuelo: Bajo la luna (4:43)
CD: “Bajo la luna ”
Autor: Marinah & Chicuelo

A joyful collaboration between Marinah, the singer who fronted Ojos de Brujo, a group that has played a leading role on Barcelona’s fusion music scene, and flamenco guitarist, Chicuelo. Sintonías takes us on a journey through the ‘ida y vuelta’-style music with flamenco as the linking point. Miles Davis, García Lorca and John Coltrane join the party.

Siempre presente
Alma Afrobeat Ensemble: Siempre presente (4:37)
CD: “Siempre presente”
Autor: Alma Afrobeat Ensemble

Afrobeat has crossed borders and landed in Barcelona. Formed in Chicago by Aaron Feder, the band has been working in Catalonia for some time now. It’s Time is their third album and the first fronted by new Nigerian singer, Joe ‘Olawale’ Psalmist. Alma Afrobeat Ensemble recapture the best of the genre, with their tremendously energetic tunes set to lyrics with a social and political agenda.

En peu de guerra
Els Catarres: En peu de guerra (3:02)
CD: “En peu de guerra”
Autor: Els Catarres

They exploded onto the music scene thanks to a girl from Castefa, Jenifer, and, since then, the band has gone on to become an essential booking at any self-respecting music festival. Songs telling everyday stories, cheerful, lively rhythms and an undeniable ability to connect with the audience are the secrets of this group’s success, now showcasing their latest album: Big Bang.

La nit més curta
La Màlaga: La nit més curta (3:14)
CD: “La nit més curta”
Autor: La Màlaga

An authentic group of Barcelona locals, from the Sants neighbourhood with rumba in their souls. We could leave it there but there’s more to tell. On Rumkila, their latest album, the La Màlaga crew show their respect for one of the musical genres closest to our hearts: Catalan Rumba. Joy and social commentary sit side by side for a band which, when performing live, are the life and soul of any party.

Altra era
Electrorumbaiao: Altra era (4:03)
CD: “Altra era ”
Autor: Electrorumbaiao

Co-founder of Ojos de Brujo and Lenacai, DJ Panko is one of Barcelona’s leading mestizo musicians. This time round, Panko has joined forces with Brazilian percussionist Alan Sousa in his latest project, Electrorumbaiao, where electronic music, dubstep, moombahton and flamenco come together for their debut album Boom! Their live set, undoubtedly, is their strongest weapon.

Soñar despierto
Willy Fuego: Soñar despierto (4:01)
CD: “Soñar despierto ”
Autor: Willy Fuego

Willy Fuego, guitarist of choice for Amparo Sánchez, El Brujo and Jaleo Real, among others, has decided to release his first album, A contracorriente, on which he blends Latin rhythms (salsa, cumbia and Cuban sounds), with a blast of rumba blowing through it. Featuring, among others, Amparo Sánchez, Muerdo and Chalart 58. Fusion at its purest.

Rumba de Barcelona
Carles Belda: Rumba de Barcelona (1:20)
CD: “Rumba de Barcelona”
Autor: Carles Belda

Carles Belda is a restless spirit, incapable of revisiting old ground and always ready to explore new musical territories. The accordion player returns to showcase his new project, 24 rumbes per diatònic, a selection of rumba songs (featuring distinguished figures from the genre, such as Rafalito Salazar and Joanet de Mataró), performed on the diatonic accordion. An educational research project to savour.

Hoy es siempre
Dani Lança: Hoy es siempre (3:29)
CD: “Hoy es siempre”
Autor: Dani Lança

Nomadic-souled artist, Dani Lança was born in Portugal, spent his youth in Mozambique and, one fine day, he ended up in Barcelona. Here, Dani Lança takes on the musical diversity he has absorbed from the streets and squares and even comes together and collaborates live with other musicians such as Manu Chao. On his album, Cidade loca, the reggae, samba and ska beats make up part of the melting pot of rhythms delivered by this ‘street nomad’.

El fugitiu
Germà Negre: El fugitiu (3:56)
CD: “El fugitiu”
Autor: Germà Negre

This Banyoles group has travelled the length and breadth of the Catalan territories in search of local traditions to inspire their songs. From the Ebro to Northern Catalonia, Germà Negre has brought it all to its album: Els àngels fan torrades, Catalan folk music classics played on traditional instruments blended with a healthy dose of humour. The angels do the rest.

La ploma de perdiu
NewCat_ètnic: La ploma de perdiu (4:26)
CD: “La ploma de perdiu”
Autor: NewCat_ètnic

Harking back to simple and rudimentary cultural and musical roots, adding a respectful but daring contemporary, urban twist: That is the formula employed by the NewCat_ètnic project. The title of their album sums it up: Illustrated Ruralism. Indeed a group of ‘rare birds’ on the Catalan music scene.

Cabo de Gate
Pau Figueres: Cabo de Gate (4:29)
CD: “Cabo de Gate”
Autor: Pau Figueres

Pau Figueres is the title of the debut album of this young guitarist, a self-confessed admirer and student of Toti Soler’s work. Flamenco is the beating heart of this production, of which the acoustic guitar, specifically a Faustino Conde from 1987, is the star, despite the occasional nod to the electric guitar. Accompanying Pau Figueres on the album are his brother, Arnau, on percussion, and Jordi Gaspar on acoustic bass.