Compilació CD World Music from Catalonia 2017
Compilació CD World Music from Catalonia 2017

Selecció realitzada pel periodista Toni Castarnado, en col·laboració amb Miguel Amorós (DJ i periodista), Marc Isern (periodista), Consol Sáenz (periodista), Jordi Urpí (cronista), Francesc Viladiu (programador) i l'ICEC.

Els CD són distribuïts en les diferents fires a les quals assisteix l'ICEC a través de Catalan Arts, així com entre els professionals internacionals interessats en la música produïda a Catalunya.

També disponibles en format digital, a través dels següents canals de streaming:
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No hay tanto pan
Sílvia Pérez Cruz: No hay tanto pan (5:06) ¹
CD: “No hay tanto pan ”
Autor: Sílvia Pérez Cruz

The case of Sílvia Pérez Cruz is a unique one. An artist who knows no bounds and asserts a bold, ground-breaking discourse. Before going solo with 11 de novembre and establishing herself with logical ambition alongside Raül Fernández Miró in Granada, she was a member of Las Migas. She also had a key role in the Immigrasons social commentary project, and, in another way, teamed up with Javier Colina. Domus is the most recent highlight of her dazzling career, which she recorded for the soundtrack of the film Cerca de tu casa [Close to Home], featuring No hay tanto pan as the defining track with lyrics that sensitively tackle the drama of injustice. ¹ By courtesy of UNIVERSAL MUSIC SPAIN, S.L.U.

Muchacho y Los Sobrinos: L’escudella (3.19)
CD: “L’escudella”
Autor: Muchacho y Los Sobrinos

Although Muchacho & Los Sobrinos have recently released their debut album, Carabutsí, Miguel Serviola ‘Muchacho’ has, for many years now, been demonstrating that his love of Catalan rumba is far from a passing fancy. Earning his stripes in La Troba Kung-Fú, with Carabutsí he draws on the tradition of Peret and Gato Pérez. That is to say, these are songs that showcase the sense of humour that exists within this group of friends from Barcelona’s Hostafrancs district. With catchy choruses like that of L’escudella and stories about the everyday.

Put Putuje
Barcelona Gypsy balKan Orchestra: Put Putuje (6:41)
CD: “Put Putuje”
Autor: Barcelona Gypsy balKan Orchestra

When you travel you learn. Whether as a result of getting a taste of a different culture, absorbing a new language or, above all, the sounds that accompany you on each new adventure. With Del Ebro al Danubio, Barcelona Gipsy balKan Orchestra takes us on an experimental journey, discovering music from the Balkans, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Free from taboos and improvisation-based, as is the case of Put Putuje, a piece that evokes Bosnia and Herzegovina with the hypnotic voice of Sandra Sangiao as guide; a recurring round trip.

La vella filosa
Belda & Sanjosex: La vella filosa (2:37)
CD: “La vella filosa ”
Autor: Belda & Sanjosex

Grandparents always leave their imprint on our lives, a legacy of incalculable value passed down in pure form to their grandchildren. Through old traditions and as the result of its wisdom, this classic material is passed on and reinterpreted by new generations. Sabadell accordionist, Carles Belda, and La Bisbal singer, Carles Sanjosé (Sanjosex), have taken that crop of songs that resonate with heritage, with folk, and adapted them to their refined style. La vella filosa tells the story of a house in ruins, of the evils of war.

Moya Kalongo: Xango (3:52)
CD: “Xango”
Autor: Moya Kalongo

Afrobeat emerged from Nigeria in the fusion of African music with jazz and funk, thereby creating a style in which rhythm takes precedence over everything else. And Simonel Bie, a Mozambican from Portugal came to Barcelona set on joining forces with veterans of the local music scene. Xango combines the energy of saxes, the flourishes provided by flutes and percussion, up front and centre-stage, with guest vocals from Indee Styla.

Nature Boy
Tori Sparks: Nature Boy (3:57)
CD: “Nature Boy”
Autor: Tori Sparks

When Tori Sparks came to Barcelona from the United States, she never imagined that years later she would go on to create a style of her own by combining the rock and country she has grown up with and adding a newly discovered element of flamenco. She was bold enough to try out this new formula on El mar with excellent results, an experiment she repeats on La huerta aided by her wingmen, Calamento. Nature Boy harnesses the passion and strength of a superb voice.

La bogeria
Gertrudis: La bogeria (3:20)
CD: “La bogeria”
Autor: Gertrudis

Having deservedly marked the first fifteen years of a prolific and exceptional career following a necessary temporary break with the Quinze 15 XV compilation album and a version of Samarreta, with the participation of Alguer Miquel from Txarango and Adrià Salas from La Pegatina, Gertrudis are back with renewed passion and joy as their watchword on Ara volo alt. As usual, Catalan rumba forms the basis of their music, with flourishes of reggae and cumbia, plus their signature festive sound on La bogeria.

Només amb tu
Animal: Només amb tu (3:24)
CD: “Només amb tu”
Autor: Animal

Animal are testament to the fact that the Catalan mestizo music scene is now stronger than ever, even if their sound leans more towards pop than other similar projects. Despite having released just one album, the group, led by a musician who hails from Sant Quirze del Vallès, Gerard Aledo (known as Mr. Smizz), are already performing at major festivals. They had created a buzz around their music before their songs were even released; an expectation which they have more than lived up to. The video clip promoting Només amb tu received thousands of hits. The future is in their hands.

Ses transformacions
Joana Gomila Folk Souvenir: Ses transformacions (2:42)
CD: “Ses transformacions ”
Autor: Joana Gomila Folk Souvenir

Joana Gomila takes inspiration from her theory that if someday all the devices we use for listening to music disappear, all we will be left with is the sheet music and the sounds that are preserved in our memories. On that basis, her work seeks to recover the essence of the traditional music of her beloved Majorca; its freedom of spirit and samplers capturing the ambience of the Raval district of Barcelona and sounds taken from the archives of folk historian Alan Lomax. Ses transformacions is imaginative and stripped-back with a free-jazz spirit.

Una altra ronda
Roba Estesa: Una altra ronda (3:03)
CD: “Una altra ronda”
Autor: Roba Estesa

Six women doing battle, six women with an ideological commitment, six women who have come together as Roba Estesa; the group from Catalonia’s Camp de Tarragona region that won the 2015 Sons de la Mediterrània (Sounds of the Mediterranean) Competition, with a spectacular prize: the chance to record their social commentary album Descalces. Labelled as folk activists, they are also ardent feminists. They take advantage of their musical platform to talk about the things they would like to change and speak up for their ideals, with the sarcastic Una altra ronda being a perfect case in point.

Nakany Kanté: N’torola (3:56)
CD: “N’torola ”
Autor: Nakany Kanté

A smile gets you further, sends out good vibes and increases the likelihood of things turning out well. It is a recipe for success that Guinean youngster turned Sabadell resident, Nakany Kanté, has embraced, having made a splash with her debut album entitled Saramaya, coming on the back of the twenty-five concerts she performed as part of the Diversons programme. It is, however, with Naka that she has struck gold. With an original mix of Mandingo and pop music reflected in songs such as N’torola, she uses her lyrics to recount personal experiences.

Yacine & The Oriental Groove: Turkish-Al-Iawi (4:20)
CD: “Turkish-Al-Iawi”
Autor: Yacine & The Oriental Groove

Yacine Belahcene Benet, with a global sound that travels from Greece to Turkey in the blink of an eye and stops off somewhere in Algeria, is a musician who expresses his concerns about the socio-political situation, providing commentary on the confusion that currently reigns in Western Europe. And he makes good use of the music he creates with The Oriental Groove in its capacity to act as a common thread linking cultures, where Algerian folk roots coexist alongside the urban perspective of electronica, with visible elements of rock, of which the mutant Turkish-Al-lawi is a perfect example.

Isabel Vinardell & Isabelle Laudenbach: Monotonía (3:43)
CD: “Monotonía ”
Autor: Isabel Vinardell & Isabelle Laudenbach

A chance meeting at a rehearsal brought Isabel Vinardell and Isabelle Laudenbach together. Having formed an instant connection, they made a pact to work together one day. Slowly but surely they identified locations where they wanted to record their songs, be it a cave, an abandoned factory or a forest. They sing in a number of languages, including Italian. A solas provides a reflection of dance, poetry and the great intimacy and complicity that exists between the duo, as does Monotonía with its flamenco flourishes and Mediterranean backdrop.

A la vida
Maria Arnal & Marcel Bagés: A la vida (3:01)
CD: “A la vida ”
Autor: Maria Arnal & Marcel Bagés

At first, the musical concoction formulated by this duo may seem simple, a combination of the superb and passionate voice of Maria Arnal and the balsamic guitar of Marcel Bagés. The success of this duo, she from the town of Badalona, he from Flix, is the bending of tradition to make it dance to their own tune: taking a jota, a fandango or a lullaby and turning it into something striking and new. They have released two Eps before their first album, 45 cerebros y un corazón. Theirs is the kind of music that strikes right at your core, as in the passionate call for hope that is A la vida.

La plaça del Diamant
Las Migas: La plaça del Diamant (3.23)
CD: “La plaça del Diamant”
Autor: Las Migas

Guitarist Marta Robles is the only remaining member of the original Las Migas line-up but, despite the departures, the band have persevered and added new ingredients to their music. On Nosotras somos they adapted songs by Lhasa de Sela and Joan Manel Serrat, and on Vente conmigo, the words of Ramón Muntaner’s La plaça del diamant, treated with a sense of delicacy and respect. Miguel Poveda features as guest vocalist on Ojos grandes. The group still retain their flamenco soul but have now incorporated an increasingly varied, more universal, musical range.